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    Close the portal when the last portal dies, before any chests can be opened or it will add bs with switching toons for shards etc. Add loot that any class can use and then that should be done in all raids. CitW and Chrono I'm looking at you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllisDee37 View Post
    Pretty sure it's 3 minutes.

    The lockout is to prevent people from joining at the end and getting free raid chests.

    For me personally, the last thing I want is to have every shroud end with "anyone need to change to a different alt that needs supreme shards?" Just waiting for people to leave was grating enough. Thankfully running on elite has all but eliminated that delay.
    Agreed. granted this is just a game, but in raids there are 12 players (hopefully) and allowing the portal to stay open is a bad idea for the reason ellisdee stated. Say you are a healer and running the shroud on elite and you drink several major SP pots, now, you are in part 4 or part 5 and another healer wants to join just before the end of the raid. Then they get a completion and loot for doing basically nothing while the others fought their way thru from beginning to the end. I'd do that once, MAYBE 2 times before I wouldn't run it without a full (active) group.

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    if i'm not wrong, and if they do that, you could get out, then someone finishes it, then you come back to get the final chests and bypass the timer (i take you would get the chest if you were there while harry died, maybe not; not sure really)

    so no thanks

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