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    As the items come and go I will update this thread accordingly, so here we go:

    Things I WANT:

    +1 and +2 ability tomes
    + skill tomes
    Search and Disable items (both level cap and for leveling toons)
    Evocation items
    Fire and Air Savant items (both level cap and for leveling toons)

    Things I HAVE:

    +2 Holy Burst Greataxe of Pure Good
    +4 Holy Burst Scimitar of Pure Good ML:18
    +5 Holy Scimitar of Pure Good
    +4 Paralyzing Bastard Sword of Riposte V
    Mace of Smiting x2
    +1 Holy Heavy Mace of Pure Good
    +1 Holy Burst Heavy Mace of Pure Good
    +1 Icy Burst Dwarven Axe of Pure Good
    +5 Acid Burst Dwarven Axe
    +3 Holy Battleaxe of Pure Good
    +1 Holy Burst Battleaxe of Pure Good
    +2 Frost Dwarven Axe of Pure Good

    +4 Mithral Breastplate
    +4 Mithral Fullplate
    +5 Mithral Tower Shield
    +3 Mithral Tower Shield

    Resistance +6 Cloak ML:11
    Mask of Wizardry VII
    Deadly IV Cursed Cloak of Wizardry VI
    Wise +8 Helm of Resistance +6 ML:23
    Wise +6 Goggles of Wizardry V
    Ogre Power +8 Gloves of Speed +7
    Health +8 Belt of Dodge 6%
    Striding 20% Boots

    Reaver's Ring
    Charisma +5 Necklace of Wizardry VII - colorless aug
    Charismatic +7 Goggles of Resistance +7
    Wise +8 Ring of Natural Armor +6

    Assorted Goods:
    Sapphire of Good Luck +2 ML: 20

    You can contact me here or in-game as Skelthr, Souldjinn or Swrntoheal via mail or PM.
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