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    Default 3 Man EE Lord Of Blades

    I decided to join Sestra on Ghallanda recently, and the guild he formed a guild called Omnipresence (our recruitment video here.
    The Lord Of Blades is one of my favorite raids and also one of the toughest as it requires to handle many different jobs (Tanking, Kiting dogs & trash, Healing, DPSing..).
    Sestra and I have always been very interested in Achievements, and we have both posted screenshots or videos. When I got here, I told him I had this idea of a shortman EELOB, and he was immediately interested. We spent a lot of time discussing strategies, builds & how to face all the mechanics in the raid that could potentially be an issue. Tony joined us in our project and we decided on the roles that would define our builds. Tony would be the tank as he's already had some experience with it, Sestra would be an AA with focus on off-tanking (high PRR) and main DPS, and I would be the Dog & trash kiter, provide constant healing support & DPS. With that in mind, we figured out our builds.

    The Builds:
    Sestra (toon name: Sestra): His completionist build was already built for soloing (Halfling AA: 12 Monk / 6 Ranger / 2 Paladin with the Healing Dragonmarks and heavy focus on defense: HP/all saves over 60/73 base PRR. The only thing he did was change some twists.
    Tony (toon name: Lightwounds): He TRed his toons a few weeks ago into a Dwarf 11 Cleric / 9 Monk. After a practice run, we realised he had a hard time keeping the aggro, so he did a LR and went for 11 Cleric 8 Monk 1 Fighter, therefore losing Improved Evasion. He chose this split over a more common S&B Tank as that would allow to heal himself so Sestra & I wouldn't have to babysit him all the time. Not only that but he would also heal me & Sestra for emergencies.
    Sith (toon name: Sithali-1): Also a completionist, I had to TR into a close version of Sestra's AA. With 320+ positive spell power, my cocoon was often doing over 400 damage on Tony.

    • We all needed to have decent defenses. Sestra had 91 PRR and Tony 140 PRR (-49.4% damage reduction). As the kiter, I didn't want the -10% speed from Mountain Stance and I wanted the saves so I went for Ultimate Ocean Stance and had 43 PRR.
    • We all had to be fat, so we were all above 1000 HP. If you think that's a waste of an epic feat (Epic Toughness), you should go in there and see for yourself how much damage you can take. Buffed, Tony was around 1500 HP, Sestra 1300 and I 1200.

    Gearing up
    Obviously, we all had to change our builds so change our gear. Yes, all of that to try a 3 Man EELOB. Sestra helped me a lot on this part, and we ran a shroud right before EELOB so Tony could finish his final item piece, a greensteel con/HP item.
    Practice Runs
    - Last weekend, all 3 of us went in EH LOB so that Tony could familiarize himself with the tanking and Sestra & I with our roles. It was very smooth.
    - This week, Sestra and I went in there 2 man EELOB with Sestra tanking. We got to the LOB just fine but didn't last all that long as Sestra was taking too much damage.

    EELOB, 3 Man on 11/23/2013:
    Some of the people that follow me on Youtube know that this little project has been going on for a while, and quite a few people have been excited about it and regularly ask me how it's going.
    Well, today, it is done, and it was a lot of fun for all 3 of us.
    I won't elaborate on this part too much as the 1 hour long video of this run will be coming out in the days to come with voice commentaries.
    Let's just say that Tony was tanking, Sestra DPSing & I Kiting/DPSing. We all had very specific jobs when it came to rebuffing, healing, forge buff order, pillar takedown. More importantly, we knew what to do if something went wrong: if I died, Sestra would take over kiting, if Tony died, Sestra would take over tanking, if 2 of us died, the last one would jump in the water and chug SF pots.
    The one aspect of our strategy we modified during this run was dealing with aggro. Tony wasn't doing much damage and unless he had time to properly establish aggro, Sestra or I would pull the aggro. While I didn't activitate boosts or Adrenaline arrows, Sestra would be Fury Manyshotting whenever the LOB dropped down. We actually took advantage of the aggro switches. Sestra or I would unleash massive damage, then when we got chained or Stunned with the venom, Tony would Intimidate and get him away from us. This worked extremely well, although we did have 1 death with this strategy as the aggro didn't switch fast enough. We recovered quickly though.
    Although Tony wasn't that familiar with tanking in this raid, I think he did an excellent job at it, and he was key in the success of this raid.

    This 3 Man EELOB wasn't just going in there and doing it. It was hours of thinking about the strategy, our builds, our enhancements & twists. It was weeks of preparation and practicing.
    We'll be glad to answer any questions about our strategy and builds.

    I'll keep you updated when the video is released.

    Here are some screenshots:

    Thanks for reading,

    Sestra, Tony & Sith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Symerith View Post
    Tony (toon name: Lightwounds): Not only that but he would also heal me & Sestra for emergencies.
    I'm pretty sure he /laugh instead of intimming LOB off me when I died, the video will tell all! In reality, the tanking, that's BYOH EE LOB tanking, was the real achievement here. Without it there was no hope for completion. Awesome run guys, loads of fun.

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    Grats guys, very nice job.
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    Max grats guys! This is an awesome achievement, and I can't wait to see the video of this.
    Quick question about the water in EE. Does it do more damage on higher difficulties? Never gave it much thought till seeing your "Jump in the water and chug SF pots" idea. lol
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    Wow, that's impressive! Damn! Great work! Virtual High Fives all around! :P! ! ! Cheers! Sign this!!!:

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    Max congradulations guys, extremely difficult achievement.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendOfAra View Post
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    I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Sith and Sestra for driving the project. This was my first real achievement on this forum and I enjoyed it hugely.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendOfAra View Post
    Quick question about the water in EE. Does it do more damage on higher difficulties? Never gave it much thought till seeing your "Jump in the water and chug SF pots" idea. lol
    Silver flame pots were able to keep me alive comfortably in the sludge, though during most of the whirlwinds Sith and Sestra's cocoons were doing the job. If you venture out of LOB's melee distance he starts to cast comet falls and divine mights, which coupled with the sludge damage, almost killed me. So it's really important to stay close to the side. I would rather take the safety of the constant sludge damage over risking a wipe, if only one of us were left alive.
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