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    Default Devout Handwraps and Lawful Neutral Monk

    I am planning to roll a monk with lawful neutral alignment. I have Devout Handwraps and want to use them. Will probably be dark monk.

    Two related questions:

    1. Can LN monk wear devout handwraps?

    2. If my LN monk wears devout handwraps, will he suffer a penalty?

    I cannot find a straight forward answer in the forums.

    The item itself says "can only be wielded by Good aligned characters."

    However, certain threads suggest that the alignment restriction for "good" weapons does not apply to handwraps (because handwraps are not "weapons"?).

    Thanks for answering!

    See you in-game.

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    Required Trait : Good (UMD 20).
    So a LN monk can only use them if he has 20+ UMD at the time he equips them.
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    Do you have the old or new Devout Handwraps?

    The old ones don't have an alignment restriction, but also no red slot.


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    As pointed out, if you have sufficient UMD you can bypass the alignment restriction. It only needs to be high enough upon equipping the item (so skill boost can work) and until you swap equipment or log out.

    Pure Good, True Chaos, and some other old suffix alignment dmg procs do not give you any penalties for equipping them. Alignment based prefixes (holy, anarchic, etc) have no alignment restrictions like pure good, but you suffer a negative level if your alignment is opposed to it. Lawful vs Chaotic, Good vs Evil. Neutral

    suffer no penalties either way. As lawful neutral you could equip an unholy item without penalties, but would get the negative level penalty for equipping an anarchic handwraps.
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