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    Default Paladin U19 enhancement: Vigor of Life -- does not apply after death until re-login

    I frequently use a healing amplification focused paladin-monk build, typically with healing amp > 550%. Thus, I probably tend to notice issues with healing amp more than most people. After U19, I noticed that, after dying, all of my sources of healing would heal for exactly 30% less than they did pre-death, and that it would remain at this 30% lower level until I logged out and logged back in again. Since healing amp is a central feature of my build, it is rather annoying to have to log out and log back in again during a quest to reset the healing amp to its proper level again in order to more easily continue staying alive.

    To test the source of the problem, I tried enabling most sources of healing amp independently from one another, using Unyielding Sovereignty (constant 10,000 point heal) to measure my effective healing amp both before (fresh login) and after death. It turns out that the culprit is the Vigor of Life enhancement line. All other sources of healing amp (* I did not test the Finger Necklace, since it has had odd equipped-item order-dependent stacking behavior in the past) are unaffected by death.

    Upon dying, all healing amplification from the Vigor of Life enhancements is lost, and does not re-apply until a fresh login. Since I have a single past Paladin life (1.05x healing amp), my base Unyielding Sovereignty heals for 10,500 (with no other sources of healing amp). After taking all three tiers of Vigor of Life, it heals for 13,649 (one point less than 1.3 x 10,500). After dying, this drops back to 10,500 again. Vigor of Life is the only source of healing amp that is affected by this death-related bug (however, I have not tried the Finger Necklace yet, it might turn out to have issues too, I don't know).

    This isn't on the known issues list, I have not seen any previous forum posts discussing this, and I didn't see it in the unofficial U19 enhancement bugs thread the last time I checked it. Can anyone else besides me confirm this one? Does anyone know if the Finger Necklace is affected by death as well? It is the only other source, besides the new Vigor of Life behavior, of additively stacking (rather than multiplicatively stacking) healing amp in the game.

    Which leads to my next question: why is Vigor of Life the only source of healing amp (besides the Finger Necklace, which has always been odd, and I haven't tested in a while to see if it behaves differently now) for which the healing amp stacks additively, rather than multiplicatively? For example, the three tiers of the Human enhancement Improved Recovery stack as 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1 = 1.331x healing amp. Similarly, my three ranks of the monk Tier 0 enhancements stack as 1.05 x 1.05 x 1.05 = 1.157625x. Same for 10%/20%/30% equipment bonuses, epic destiny bonuses, and ship buffs. Pre-U19, the Hunter of the Death enhancements also stacked multiplicatively. Why, then, in U19, has the Paladin healing amp enhancement line been changed to stack additively (1.1 + 1.1 + 1.1 = 1.3), which conflicts, not just with past behavior, but with all other non- Finger Necklace sources of healing amp in the game?

    Now, U19 resulted in a net gain in healing amp for my character, so I can't totally complain about the nerf to Paladin healing amp. Also, the tool tips for Vigor of Life do say "+10" healing amp, rather than "+10%", so they are technically working as written in the description. I'm just questioning, given the discussion above, if they are working as truly intended. For consistency alone, I would like to propose that Vigor of Life be reverted to its pre-U19 multiplicative stacking behavior, to bring it back in line with the stacking behavior of most all other sources of healing amp.

    To Devs: is there a chance that the death-related Vigor of Life bug could be fixed within the next 1 or 2 major updates? Also, some discussion/explanation of the new Vigor of Life additive stacking behavior, and if should be reverted to multiplicative, would also be appreciated

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    thx for putting in words.

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    May I suggest breaking up your two issues (1st Vigor of Life turning off on death until relog, and 2nd paladin amp stacking additively rather than multiplicatively) into two separate posts or threads to improve visibility and readability of each?
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