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    Quote Originally Posted by loutka67 View Post
    So beautiful, yet, so familiar. The medium really exudes breathless anticipation. Waiting for the interaction the artiste built into the medium, the "Loading" portion to fill up, whisking you away to untold visual and sensory treasures; it's as if this is something we've all seen, but have we really SEEN it? I challenge you all to gaze upon this marvel of digital beauty and not tear up or get misty eyed with recognition, ambivalence, nostalgia. You see a loading screen that usually stays up long enough to BIO then write a short dissertation on squirrel migratory patterns used as a blueprint by the Axis of Evil to plot taking over the world, I look at this work of art and see.... and opportunity. An opportunity to love, to gain, to win, to lose, to interact.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, OP.
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    Nerf Happiness

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