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    Cannith servers have been merged with Real Life.

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    Default 21 hours with no service on cannith

    21 hours now
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    Also Cannith issues. When logging takes a few tries to get in, but eventually I do. Then when I try and zone into a quest or any zone I get disconnected. Please Turbine at least acknowledge that you are working on the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memnir View Post
    Several of my characters, mostly the ones I tried to log in yesterday, are still locking up and spurring Connection Lost messages.

    Oh well - back to GTA Online.
    This is still not fixed? They've had since last night. Has there been any dev or service team comment about Cannith?

    Time to seek a backup game I guess...
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    Default 2 nights in a row

    seriously the servers are bugged out getting stuck on loading screen two nights in a row. I mean I know anyone competent at Turbine is working on lotro, but seriously.

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