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    Started in September 2013

    Currently standing at 27 active accounts in the guild (Last updated Feb 3rd 2015)

    At its core, Omnipresence is essentially a raiding guild. We're made up of experienced players, character builders, raid leaders and power-gamers. We strive to always improve our teamwork dynamics through the use of strategy and planning.

    Players who are interested in knowing more about Omnipresence should know that we:

    • Play at a fast pace when grouped together
    • Use TeamSpeak & voice communications avidly
    • Do not endorse item duping/reusing or any bannable exploits
    • Are competitive as a guild and look to compete in solo & group completion records


    Option 1
    Make yourself known to us by grouping with our members as much as possible and being in our TeamSpeak server.

    This is for experienced and active epic end-gamers who are already in established guilds on Ghallanda and who are on the fence about leaving their old guilds. We can only consider players through this option if you are very active in DDO. Depending on how well our members know you prior to you applying, this process can take days or weeks. During this time we encourage you to be in our TeamSpeak server as much as you can.

    Option 2
    Arrange a 14 day guild invite on a trial basis.

    This is recommended for players who don't feel they're active enough in DDO for option 1. Actually being in the guild will allow you to get a better taste and feel for the guild, if you don't possess the free time to be able to sit in our TeamSpeak for hours each day. This option is also open to guildless players or players in inactive guilds on Ghallanda. To be considered for this option you will need to have a casual interview on TeamSpeak.

    Option 3
    Joining us as a mentee.

    This is for players who are unfamiliar or very new to epic elite, but are passionate to learn and wish to play the game with our approach and mindset. We will offer you a mentorship running the length of weeks or months depending on your current knowledge and skill level. You can use this option to pursue joining us permanently once your mentorship is concluded or you can simply have the intention to learn from us without any following commitments. An agreeable level of DDO activity is required for mentorship and we will need to discuss many things with you on TeamSpeak before we can agree to take you on.

    Option 4
    Transferring to us from another server.

    We already have several server transferees in the guild and are always open to more. Being that it's a much trickier form of recruitment, we will be open and honest with you about the guild and will offer you lengthy conversations about the subject over TeamSpeak if you have questions, doubts or such interests. We take every potential server transfer case-by-case, but given the blindness the situation causes, we would prefer that you are able to show us evidence of your skill level (the best form of evidence being an uploaded video). However, saying that, there are other ways - albeit lengthier. We use Lamannia as a gathering server when either we or the transferee is unsure about proceeding.

    Please reach out to any of our members if you have specific questions regarding the above or any general questions about the guild.
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