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    Default Druid enhancement bug or not ?

    LR'ed today and,
    I'm an 18 barbarian / 2 druid build now, but can't seem to select the Nature's Warrior enhancements ...

    Am I missing something or is this a bug? ( See first picture where I have the menu open to select the trees )
    Tried pretty much everything in the enhancement window... Resetting, All to unset, Select all trees I can, etc.
    There are 5 windows open, but can only take 4...

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    Default Same issue here!

    I +1 LRed after TRing in order to change out one level of Monk for Rogue as my TR group did not have a rogue. After LRing, everything seemed fine, but after I leveled up from 4 to 5 the Druid Nature's Warrior enhancement tree is now missing. I have tried resetting my enhancements, unsetting all enhancement trees, and still it will not appear; after it disappeared I still had the NW enhancements that I had chosen, but I have since lost even those as I had reset all trees. I filed an in game ticket and at first they wanted to talk to me but I had gone AFK for a moment so they closed my ticket. Now if I submit a ticket, they just tell me to submit a bug report, which I have done.

    It's very frustrating as now my main 9+ TR character is nerfed for this life and I have to play her to 20 without the proper enhancements. (I can't even use another heart of wood to take out the Druid as this is my Druid life and with only Artificer, Bard and Barbarian left until I achieve the Completionist feat I can't change to one of those classes as I have monk levels and they clash with Bard and Barbarian, and the rogue is kind of pointless on an Arti build). Not to mention I don't want to spend even more money to fix a build that the game nerfed on me.

    So it looks like I'm going to be a non animal form Druid/Monk/Rogue for this life as my damage output is much better out of form than in (not to mention the lag associated with animal form).
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