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    Please create named loot for Great Xbows and disperse them into existing quests!
    With Rogue Mechanic the way it is, there should be at least as many named GXB's as there are named Repeaters.

    And more Falchions, please.

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    I would really appreciate if we get negative energy amp on items at all!
    Healing and repair amp are important as well but negative energy is the most important IMO since the self-healing of palemasters is quite limited in terms of healing per time. You can heal by far a lot more HP/time via positive energy or repair spells compared to death aura+ negative energy burst.

    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    yes, everything post MoTU was fail.

    I cannot stress this enough . . . out-dating stuff every update just needs to stop. All armors out-dated by GH stuff, Random Gen out-dating all named stuff after one update, needs to stop NOW.

    Nobody I run with cares about obtaining any specific items at this point because we all know you're gonna make it garbage next update.

    DDO wasn't like this until after MoTU. People still ran Titan and Reaver at level 20 because there was still stuff worth pursuing.

    Relevant loot keeps content relevant. This needs to be tatoo'd on the inside of your eyelids.
    You got it! One of the best things of DDO compared to other MMORPGs was that many good items never outdated pre MotU! I really liked that there is an incentive to run abbot, titan, reaver etc even on lvl cap. Its especially nice since it makes the work the developers put into dungeon/item design much more worth it as compared to other MMORPGs where you never run raids again after the next one or two updates (played WOW for quite a long Time and this was the main reason I quit).
    I think a great strength of DDOs item design in general is that there is the possibility of many niche abilities. This is the reason why I use litany, vile blasphemy and noxious embers still on capped toons although these items are many years old. Same would apply to the dodge ring from titans if they didnt change dodge mechanics.
    In DDO pre MotU I always felt that the time I invest into getting specific loot is worth it because those items are something to count on in the future. This totally changed!

    Preferred solution: Would be great to go back to and introduce more niche abilities, which are useful in specific situations but not too powerful in general. This allows those niche items to be attractive even after many updates, since they still will might be the best items in their niche. Furthermore, this hopefully makes us players feel like those niche items are worth the grind and something we are proud of if we get a hand on them.
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    Double Deviants - double D for extra fun!

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    Default Random ghostbane + A scientific look at random weapons and why they used to be good.

    In an effort to not of OT, and not make it hell for this new dev to read forum posts I would suggest using a more formatted kind of discussion tactic... auto warn on anyone who doesn't answer your questions!? :P

    - Aside from the diversity issue, what are the biggest problems with random loot, today?
    Ghostbane. Yea I know you know know, but why not mention it again. I hate the fact that stuff gets sneaked under our (the players) noses this way. Sure it's your game you do what you want but hey WHO pays your salary in the end? Should we not have a say? - and thankfully I think addressing that situation is what you are here for.

    Aside from ghost-bane, I find very few pieces of random loot that are worth keeping. As I will mention below there's almost NO double stat random loot items, and the old named items are way less then they should be compared to random loot.

    - What weapon and equipment types do you feel are underserved in named and in random loot?
    None. Literally, there's nothing that's powerful enough or that powerful anyway. - But here we'd have to talk about making monsters and EE mobs with human amounts of HP anyway so it's doubtingly off topic.
    The new augments seem really cool, if only I could find one?

    - I’d love to hear about some of the non-named loot your character’s are currently wearing.
    Depending on character levels, my top tier toon is all dressed up in what used to be u18 max gear. However I did find a better random loot version of the EE dream visor. And that's what I want to complain about actually. Why does the EE dream visor have to be surclassed this way? IF random loot can go up to deadly 10/seeker 10 etc. should the dream visor be retroactively upgraded to keep up to par? Some people did pay 5k TP for their visor, it used to be "the thing" now it's trash.

    Sure, just like that there's a lot of other gear that had the same faith. However I prefer wearing one item and satisfing 2 stats. Manacled of ceasless toil, Stormreaver's Tablecloth kind of situation.
    The only problem with them is that they now stop at +8.
    My personal problem with that is that you should (and do if you bought the latest pack) get +8 to stats around level 15.

    In the end, every level and every toon of mine will get a somewhat standard set of gear for that level. I might tweek stuff around a bit here and there to accommodate for new loot or testing new things, however things that work really well with the new random loot are:
    striding, double strike, and augment slots.
    However you must consider that power-players like me will just craft whatever gear they need anyway - and that cannith crafted gear can't hold a candle to the current random loot stats. This is something that should probably be addressed? I mean why can you find CON +10 gear but you can't just craft your own? Ok let's say maybe crafting +10 is too much, but at least +7 and +8, maybe +9 ?

    Random weapons deserve a whole section of their own.
    1) I craft stuff that just owns at level monsters every 3 level or so since I like to level up naturally running every quest once in elite instead of sitting in the same instance and farming.
    2) Very, very, very few random items are good, but some that are were introduced way back when.
    3) IF i can I prefer to just stick to metal/augment BTA stuff, so I can move it between my toons even if crafted and equipped.

    So I was recently handed by a friend that quit an exquisit set of rando gen handwraps. here's how they go:
    +5 Corruscating handwraps of divinie light - Cheapo random gen Endless Light mockery.
    +5 Impellent Byeshk studded handwraps of Shattermantle - Shattermantle kind of sucks ok... but think about it, it's for mindfliers anyways and you def. want to reduce their SR for the party.
    +6 Holy Adamantine Lined Handwraps of Steam - I mean, untyped damage... just goes will with constructs.
    +2 Metalline handwraps of the Crusader - BOE unfortunately. However it's a ML18 harry smither. Kind of perfect.
    +6 Metalline handwraps of Steam - DR breaker with untiped damage...

    These are the idea of "primal" good random loot. I have NOT seen a random loot item the like of these in 6+ months. And sure recently it's just all ghostbane.

    Now while I'm only listing hand-wraps here the concept for the few other builds I go with are similar. I mean if I could monk a barbarian i surely would, but since I can this concept applies gevely to long swords, great swords, bastard swords, and great axes. Also bows/repeaters.
    An example of good random loot bow (found back in 2007)
    ML14 +3 Holy Greater Chaotic Outsider bane Long Bow.
    Again, DR breaking (silver arrows), and extra damage to 1 set of monsters so that I can just finish the quest.

    Now that you sort of have an idea on that, let's talk damage types.
    How about adding some unique SLASHING hand-wraps? why can't we put razors on our hand-wraps or wear batman style gloves with razor blades?
    Sticks have that. Short Swords have that. Hand-wraps don't yet monks are usually better off in dmg with wraps then they would ever be even with Whirling Steel Strike and long-swords (which is how I'm rolling recently).

    Last but not least here's what I craft:
    roaring + bleed. everything bleeds, they can't hurt you when afraid.
    Slicing + screaming. Everything takes screaming, most take slicing.
    Shocking burst. Almost nothing's immune to it.
    I tried Deception, destruction, etc. they just don't work. There's no point in making a fight last 10 seconds longer over losing elemental/untyped dmg to make it so that they are more vulnerable when they aren't red names. Like wise they might be good on occasion but it kind of sees a full party situation which isn't likely now a day.

    Apologies, this is getting lengthy boring and stale. My point is that random gen weapons stopped being good since at least u19. My point is that to pull silver (bta or not) wraps now you just can't. 4 lives since u19 kind of proved that. Haven't seen metal typed ghostbane either. DR breaking is still important even though you have the biggest up-rise of light monk since your fellow devs decided that dark monks must suck at dealing damage, and that light monks would get 1d8 unarmed... as terribly off-topic as that might be.

    Cutting the rest of this short. If you have questions or i'm not understandable for anyone don't hesitate to PM me about it. I'll try and be more illogically logical if it serves the purpose of achieving better random weapon generations.

    PS: As you can see I mentioned the out-dating of stuff too prior to reading what other had to say btw. Maybe that's an issue that should be taken to (gereater +20) hart (of wood)?

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    I like solid random loot. It makes things more interesting. I didn't like it when long ago, every single player and hes pet chivava was running around with Dragontouched armor. Boring as hell.

    You see, since a very long time, I like opening chests. I mean any given chest and not just a couple of "named" ones. Something nice could drop.

    If random loot is basicaly junk compared to named items, then why have it in the first place? Plus why even have quests that don't drop named items. Or quests that do drop named items, but those named items are not so cool in the eyes of players.

    Thing I'd change:
    - less of Ghostbane. Not every second weapon has to be "of Ghostbane".
    - add effects from before (pre-U19?).
    - do NOT remove anything (yes, for a change I'd like that you don't change things)

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    The problem with random loot:

    You made a huge jump from +8 max stats to +10 and +11 on items... You bumped natural armor and protection and resistance up to +10 as well, from a max of +6 and +7 before.

    You added deadly and accuracy, also going up to +10

    These made all old named gear worth much less.. The FIRST thing you guys need to do is go back and make a pass on all old named loot, and make it match like-level random loot. Old named loot with +5 resistance, protection, nat armor, damage bonuses need to be upgraded to match random loot. The new deception is very nice... but you didn't upgrade any of the old named items deception. Go back and change the named items to match the new loot.

    Don't ever jump +3 or +4 in one update again... You could have bumped up new named items to +9 stats, and all the powergamers would have been perfectly happy grinding that out for a few months, and the +8 stuff would still be considered solid gear.

    People spent real money buying astral shards to buy epic GH stuff off the ASAH, and then one update later, you released a bunch of stuff that made all that gear worth a LOT less. This is NOT a good way to get people to spend real-life money on your game.

    The other big problem with random loot is that we lost all our old prefixes and suffixes... There's very little variety anymore... Deadly and accuracy and ghostbane and riposte are on EVERYTHING. Do clickables drop anymore? I don't think I've seen any.

    You do need to continue to introduce new loot into the game with each update or two, and it needs to be SLIGHTLY better than what's out there today.

    Thanks for listening.
    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    We are no more d000m'd then we were a week ago. Note - This was posted in 10/2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Eth View Post
    When you stop caring about xp/min this game becomes really fun. Trust me.
    Quote Originally Posted by TedSandyman View Post
    Some people brag about how fast they finished the game. I cant think of a stupider thing to brag about. Or in this game, going from level 1 to level 30 in two days, or however long it takes. I can't even begin to imagine what drives a person to think that is fun. You are ignoring all of the content and options and going for sheer speed. It is like going to a museum and bragging about how fast you made it through. Or bragging about how fast you finished a good steak.

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    Default Random Loot vs Named Loot

    - Aside from the diversity issue, what are the biggest problems with random loot, today?

    To start off with I will agree with about every third post in saying that named loot should be slightly (notice the word slightly) more powerful then good random gen items at the same level. it gives a reason to run all the quests with those named items, while still giving random gen a good nitch that most people will like and so slot in places that are not covered by the named gear that took me X hours to find.

    maybe just drop the min level on the named loot so that when I TR and eTR I can use the named loot for more than the 1 level that I end up with now?

    Then I will agree with about every third or fourth post and say that I want canith crafting to be both updated and scaled for it to be a decent option (because I choose what I craft) at higher levels. even if canith crafting was slightly behind the better random gen items. this means that crafting can be a slot filler until I get that sweet rare random loot or that named Awesome something of Awesomeness.

    and I agree that I would like to see a bunch of the old random loot gen items back. heal amp, real vorpal, stability, parrying and more

    - What weapon and equipment types do you feel are underserved in named and in random loot?

    Quote Originally Posted by Myrddinman View Post
    - More named quivers...heck, random quivers would be awesome too!
    yes i would like to see a random quiver or two.
    on that note. why do i never see a random returning arrow? or even semi returning arrow? it would turn my random arrow/bolt vendor trash into a item i would inspect and possibly keep for DR/specific monster encounters.

    what is up with paralizing? it used to be a decent and rare option for any weapon. now its just vendor trash because by the time i could use it, the AA has a far better DC than I will ever get even in epics. Maybe change it back to the same as stunning? or make more ranges of paralyzing than just DC 17? not both, but either one would make me happy to find a paralyzing weapon that I could pass to another of my toons.

    - I’d love to hear about some of the non-named loot your character’s are currently wearing.

    I usually run a caster druid so when I am at cap I have a small bunch of random gen weapons that have lightning, fire, and cold lore and spell power that i switch out between. I would like to find some of that in a shield version every once in a while btw. but most other slots are filled with the new sages set.

    On my melee/ranged alts I find a place to put that deadly item of accuracy someplace that it does not interfere with the named items I like.

    - now for what i would LOVE to see in random loot gen. (though it may not be possible/feasible)

    Make it so that what i get in my random loot gen tables/chests semi relevant to the quest i finished to get the list.

    ex. I run deleras I get a list/chest with more undead bane/undead guard items and in general anti undead gear. or in Meridia I find more stuff to deal with outsiders. or in evening star maybe find anti drow items. these items should not be the only items you find in loot lists/chest but make it so that stuff drops more often.

    It kinda makes sense that in a crypt that is full of undead I would find old gear from dead adventurers that equipped themselves for that dungeon. not this total random mis mash of stuff. i can understand that at low levels, but by level 10-15 the dumb adventurers would be dead and only the ones kinda prepared would set foot in dungeons.

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    Default Sudden Idea.

    We need to get Convalescence back.

    Nuff said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrOctothorpe View Post
    - Aside from the diversity issue, what are the biggest problems with random loot, today?
    - What weapon and equipment types do you feel are underserved in named and in random loot?
    - I’d love to hear about some of the non-named loot your character’s are currently wearing.
    For me, loot is all about fitting all the most important aspects of what I want my character to do in all the slots, aka not having to switch equipment very often because I forget to do it and I consider it a hassle. So, my current biggest issue with loot right now is how underwhelming level 26+ loot is overall.

    Let me offer you an example. My ranger/rogue main character, and the only character I have at level 28, wears the following:

    Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Helm of Smoke - I still wear this because it gives me 45 extra hit points and permanent blur effect.
    Pendant of the Stormreaver - I wear this all the time because it gives me permanant lightning and fire resistance (thanks to the yellow augment slot).
    Epic Treasure Hunter's Spyglass - I wear this all the time due to search and spot and insightful intelligence. I haven't found anything to replace it because I don't want to wear two separate items (because search and spot aren't found on many things together and farming Plane of Night over a hundred times is not my idea of fun, even though the I would love to have Epic Kundarak Delving Goggles. More on that later.) when wearing this allows me to wear one. This also makes it so I can't use the Planar Conflux trinket, because I don't like having to switch around my equipment on account of not remembering to do so.
    Adamantine Cloak of the Wolf - I wear this for the extra seeker and damage in general, although diversion is a nice bonus.
    Epic Spare Hand - I wear this for pretty much the same reason as Epic Treasure Hunter's Spyglass. It has disable device and open lock on one item, plus a place to put heavy fortification, because, before augment slots were added to low level equipment, that was wear I generally had heavy fort. Plus an extra colorless augment slot for the intelligence +6 bonus.
    Epic Ring of the Stalker - Manslayer, Seeker +6, and Ghostly are the effects I most benefit from, as well as the yellow slot for feather falling and the colorless slot for wisdom for the spot and spell point boost. I have yet to find anything I would be willing to replace this with. After I got this and the Cloak of the Wolf, I finally retired my Cloak of Nightmares and added Deathblock to my Green steel bracers.
    Frostproof Gloves of Dodge 9% - I wear these for the cold resistance and the colorless slot to add an insightful dexterity +2.
    Health +7 Boots of False Life 35 - This pair has a yellow and colorless slot which I'm using for acid resistance and Dex +6, while is has Con +7 and 35 extra hp.
    Guadian's Ring - I'm using this mostly for the extra prr, but it also has Strength +8 and gives me a yellow slot to keep underwater action on.
    Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Bracers - I still wear this because it gives me Deathblock, immunity to fear and blindness immunity so I don't have to waste augment slots to have them.
    Hide of the Goristro - I have this one specifically because I used to have the Woodman's Guile set for the extra attack bonus. The extra vitality and tendon slice was just a little bonus. However, the boots and goggles in this set were nearly useless to me. I already have seeker, true seeing, and attack bonus, and the only thing the boots gave me that the Cannith Boots of Propulsion didn't was Insightful Dex, so when I found random loot from Stormhorns that gave me better bonuses, I switched. I would switch the armor, but I haven't found anything worth wearing yet.
    Guardian's Glasses - Seeker VII, Vitality +40 and green slot with PRR.

    Every piece of equipment, I wear for a reason. I switch the boots and goggles maybe 1% of the time because I hate switching my equipment. The only time I do switch them is when I need to make a large jump and I need the Cannith Boots propulsion effect to help, or I'm in the Underdark and need to wear the Malchor's Undersun Goggles. The only reason I'm wearing named Stormhorn's equipment is mainly because the Woodman's Guile set had nothing on them I didn't already have and they were wasting slots because I had nothing better. I gave up my Epic Ring of the Buccaneer because I needed some extra PRR and the hit points didn't hurt either. I'm wearing random gear to make better use of my existing slots and because there were certain things I couldn't fit. Personally, I would prefer not to wear any random loot at all. I would prefer to have all named at least on capped characters, but I haven't found anything that meets all my needs.

    However, as it stands, I am not planning on ever taking off the other epic gear listed because there is nothing else better in 26+ to replace it. The level 26+ equipment admittedly doesn't feel very epic to me at all. We have all the level 20 scroll/shard/seal stuff with a bunch of effects and level 26+ stuff only having three? How is that better? I'm not going to trade my Epic Ring of the Stalker for a Seeker +10 item because then I would have to give up manslayer, which gives me an extra 100 damage to humanoids and 2 slots I desperately need to keep. This is just one example of why I won't switch my existing epic items. The only thing I would consider replacing the Spyglass and Spare Hand with is the Epic Kundarak Delving Goggles, because I would prefer to have all rogue skills on one piece of equipment, but I absolutely will not run that raid 100+ times to get it. Which leads me to my other issue. The scroll/seal/shard farming is outdated, and, quite frankly, is one of the biggest, most tedious hassles in the game right now. There's plenty level 20 Epic things that I want, but I don't find running one specific chain or quest 100 times fun, so I don't do it. Level 21+ gear (barring CITW and possibly FOT) is easy to get in comparison, which is ridiculous. Please fix this flawed system. Make the full items drop, or create a trade in system similar to what exists in the Sands so we can get our items with little to no hassle.

    I also think it's ridiculous to have to run raids like CITW 30+ times to get one weapon you want. I think all raid items should drop in the reward list on the 20th run, not just half of them. I think this should be done in all raids.

    I'm also not a fan of the new weapon effects. I like ghostbane just fine, but I don't care about riposte. I preferred the bane and burst items that we used to have. I also don't think heroic effects should show up on epic equipment. Regular paralyzing or vorpal won't work on higher level enemies, for example.
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    Default More Mystery Items

    One thing I loved about ad&d is when a dungeon master made a roll to see if a character recognized the inscriptions or stylings on a magic item. If not, you'd have to find someone to figure it out for you. I think some items should be unknown with a dc check, modified by race, languages spoken, class, and int and wis to see if you can figure out the item. I wear mostly unnamed, crafted items specific for a set of adventures. Also, more crafting items and less junk would be nice.

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    Default somehow i doubt this will di anything good but here it goes:

    - deadly and seeker needs to be removed from random lootgen, and i mean not just removed, all item already ingame needs to be removed
    # with deadly10 and seeker10 in game, there is no way to design named loot worth its name
    # if u design named items that are more powerfull than those 2 effects, u basically destroy the game again and balance will be out the window even more

    - righteuos suffix was a very nice suffix on weapon (+2 damage against evil foes, which are most mobs). i still have a complete selection of elemental/holy of righteousness greataxes added with festival frost from ml2 up to ml10
    # again, deadly and seeker completely make this obsolete after lvl 10

    - bane weapons (mainly elemental bane)
    # same as righteousnes

    - when i came back to ddo and firstly stumbled over a +5 natural armor necklace ml9, i was totally shocked. not only was natural armor not obtainable in items (except for some odd profane SETBONUS or on EPIC items), no, u could now get more natural armor than a ranger at that level could get with his spell (also making the ranger active past life feat totally worthless)

    all the points above reduce diversity in gearing out ur toon, aquiring beneficial effects. if random loot is better than special abilities from certai classes, epic gear, set bonis etc, its NOT healthy

    i mainly use random loot with the stats i need (int/chr/wis etc) and augment slots to fit in missing stats, missing effects to consolidate. this is working good (aka that system does what it should do). what is missing, are more effects on augments.

    all this on a stunning monk with 4d6+1 sneak attack, no mercy and sense weakness.
    beside epic envenomed cloak (will be replaced with es cloak with combat mastery), arkats cord (nonepic, will be replaced with epic with 2 slots for con), shadow ring (non epic with blur on it) or omniscience (instead of shadow ring when tanking bosses), tharnes googles, flawless white robe, greensteel hp con skill necklace, epic tresure hunter spyglass with +2 luck, i wear these random gen items (which will be upgraded at 28 to +10 ones, so no chance for any named stuff, which at most would give +8):
    # +8 wis +7 resistance ring
    # +8 dex +8 dodge boots with augment slot (charisma)
    # +8 deadly +9 natural armor hat

    all the named items have something that is not available on random lootgen or not in this combo. THIS makes named items desireable. and new random gen loot should never obsolete this point.

    # in case of heal amp being added to random lootgen (im totally against this), this would obsolete epic claw set and 2 more named items would be removed from my fitting
    # in case of adding sneak attack +5 or higher on random gen loot, tharnes gogles would be removed
    # in case of adding blurry on random gen loot in conjunction with stats or any other desireable effect, shadow ring will go
    # etc pp

    for other builds, this "removing named gear cos of random gen" already happened and to a much larger degree. adding new effects to random gen loot, without keepiong this in mind, will only worsen the situation.

    if things like heal amp will be added to random gen, the random gen system of how items are generated needs a big overhaul, to make sure that no items are created that utterly destroy the usefullness of named stuff. a deadly 8 of heal amp 20 item shouldnt even possible as ml28. or what item can u make for named raid gear (eg) that would be more desireable than this and not utterly destroy any lingering game balance.

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    Default Double maces and polearms

    Double maces made an appearance on the A.H. for a long time (never saw 1). This game has been without polearms for too long. I think a Halbred would give my staff user a viable alternative.

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    Some named high level Negative energy protection, and better set bonuses for named loot sets. being able to craft negative energy protection into Green steel items would be awesome. and for higher level bosses, a weapon with less "+" enchantment but some thing like a weapon with Greater disruption and holy V thats only a +2-4, instead of +8 regular disruption holy II. the weapon enchantment is almost worthless against things at EE level( unless you have the old pen and paper rules of "needing a minimum +"x" weapon to hurt a monster" but the greater disruption range and more holy damage makes it a more useful weapon for certain types of mobs. Same goes for smiting and banishing. being able to find and use certain weapons, even if they are randomly created would help a lot of non dps classes be able to go into EE or even EH in some cases. also the gaurdian set from Wheeloon prison and the stormhorns is awesome, it should be turned into a dark blue named set with set bonus.

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    - Aside from the diversity issue, what are the biggest problems with random loot, today?
    I think absorptions need to be made more available maybe even combined with flat resist to make it easier for non evasion characters to itemize. Some of the spell/trap damage can be extremely harsh.

    I would also like to see debuffs weapons made better. No one has time to beat on something for 30+ seconds or they do so much damage in that time that the thing is already dead. In fact if the debuffs were made faster and stronger in may help to expand DDOs role system a bit as melee and casting melee/caster hybrids could provide useful debuffer roles. The spell resist reducer shatter mantle and the save reducers are nice, but it takes far to long and the reduction is usually to weak to matter.

    Powerful debuffs need to be made even if they are made in a way that sacrifice other things to really makes them shine. It would be awesome to have a a morning star of weakening for instance and actually see my target drastically weakened. Right now most effects do not give that kind of utility or combat changing feel. I can't rush in with a shatter mantle weapon or a save reducer and watch something awesome come out of it right now.

    I do not know if you are familiar with Artemis Entreri, but he had weapons that provided wow factor. I would read about his life stealing daggers or his epic fight with Charon's Claw and the weapons came to life. Right now you could slap as many words onto the weapon in DDO and it would still just be a flat mess. Boring and without impact. Just another thing to beat something with.

    Regeneration and vampirism are things that can definitely be improved upon. 1 hp a minute and 1-3 hp a hit does nothing to mitigate the extreme wall of damage players face. Increasing these affixes to make them functional in the self sufficient game you have now would go along way for classes that lack traditional healing.

    - What weapon and equipment types do you feel are under served in named and in random loot?

    Heavy picks and light picks are underrepresented. In fact if you go to the ddo wiki the basic loot types that need love should become dreadfully clear as you see the lack of name loot backing them. I personally would like to see spiked chains on more than just the iconic and trident/net. Weapons in general could use more utility functions. It is also hard to justify blunt weaponry over slashing in all categories. Critical range, base damage, critical multiplies etc all usually much better on a slashing weapon.

    Crafting is also very lacking. Ribcracker etc make a total mockery of maiming among others. Crafting needs a lot of updates.

    - I’d love to hear about some of the non-named loot your character’s are currently wearing.

    I only play melee/caster builds but I usually use all the AC Affixes (they makes leveling against melee based opponents a joke with miss chance staying in the 50-60% range), I use deadly and accuracy as they are must have, I try to fit seeker in and I use the highest stats I can for my melee stats. I find it hard to fit in resistances and absorptions until I am in my 20's. I would say the only named loot I wear are weapons. Everything else either performs at or ahead of named loot.
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    Random loot should add variation. And i don't mean the problem of gettin 4 ghostbanes, 2 ripostes and 2 flurry on every list.

    Desert sands, of the sun, pandemoniun and such enchantments were good enough for random loot, didn't eclipse the named stuff, and most important, it was different.
    Don't add the enchantments we find on the named loot to the random loot. I.E: Seeker makes bloodstone useless and that's not good.
    On the other hand, you could add some of the most popular eliminated enchanments to new named loot, and come up with something new (way less powerful than named) for random tables.

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    - Aside from the diversity issue, what are the biggest problems with random loot, today?

    In my opinion the biggest problem with random loot is that it has no real depth. Sure the named stuff should be better in a general sense, but what about those very rare combinations that people go nuts about. Remember when Metalline of Pure Good was truly a find and the gratz would pour in from your party members.

    I think that some of the rarest loot in the game should be Random Gen ... Not a piece that falls from a specific chest in a specific quest that everyone will farm until their eyes bleed until they have one... But a truly awe inspiring item that gives a sense that you have found a treasure locked in chest while playing dungeons and dragons.

    the new loot tables aside (obviously not good) there needs to be a reason to look through and end reward items. As it stands now if i don't see a masterful/wondrous border i select guild renown or mana pots and move on.

    there was a time when i would quickly scan for guild augments through end reward (not that i am saying you should bring that back) but i would at least open up the items and look at their description.

    I am actually going to follow this topic and see where it goes! I look forward to the improvements.

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    Default Welcome

    Quote Originally Posted by Grosbeak07 View Post
    1. My biggest problem is that I don't feel I'm adding anything to my character, these days, but seem to be constantly rearranging the same things into different slots.

    2. Less desirable items like Kukris, battle axes, shortbows, morning stars and stuff like scalemail armor, there is just nothing random loot wise that makes theme even remotely comparable to other items when it comes to random loot. Even with named loot, the types of items I mentioned are little more than niche items for certain builds. This means that these items need something (other than a straight damage increase) to make them more desirable with the random loot permutations.

    3. In terms of armor, none of my main characters use random loot stuff at the moment. Many however, do use weapons when I come across one that has the "right mix" of attributes, this varies based on what I'm running, level and some role play and aesthetic points with my character.
    mostly as noted above well done on our post sir. i agree with it.

    i would like to add that i get the point i think that a lot of the different loot was to increase new players so they are a bit closer to veterans with all the named gear and I think it was a good idea nothing losses new players than those that would be so far out matched and cant contribute much.

    My latest toon i use daggers and loot gen stuff is hard to come by, decent stuff anyway. not sure if then dont generate much or ppl are tossing them but i have yet to find any dagger for myself chest or end reward that is really helpful to me(assassin rogue)

    maybe make some great stuff and place it in gen loot that was like the ioun stones when they where random drops and then could be upgraded maybe not in a quest setting like dreaming dark but mabe a solo quest or like the old epics where one would need multiple pieces to make it would be hard to get but worth it. b/c i know i dislike farming and im sure others feel the same way.

    thank you for making this post and i hope it will help us all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrOctothorpe View Post
    Happy Friday, everyone. I’d like to introduce myself as a bit of a new dev face on the forums. First, it’s about time I quit lurking, and second, I’m putting on an additional hat on the DDO team. What hat is that? In a word: loot. I’m here to listen to you and to keep my eyes on the big picture. Yes, that includes avoiding Ghostbane-situations.

    So in the name of listening rather than blathering on and on, I’d like to ask you all a few questions as a sort of pulse-check on the state of loot. Go on and fill up the thread – I’ll check back in after the weekend (and a bit today, as schedule permits), with head-nods, follow-up questions, and answers where necessary.

    - Aside from the diversity issue, what are the biggest problems with random loot, today?
    - What weapon and equipment types do you feel are underserved in named and in random loot?
    - I’d love to hear about some of the non-named loot your character’s are currently wearing.

    (In the future, I’m planning some similar question sessions about named loot and named loot systems, BTW.)
    Hi Welcome.

    I haven't been using the forums since the changes, but this compelled me to actually reply. Please, PLEASE read how loot is done in D&D 3.5 (you know, the game this is supposedly based on?)

    You see, when I was showing some IRL D&D players what has changed in DDO, they laughed (laughed!) when I showed them a holy weapon.

    Hows of laughter at the idea that Holy only had 1D6 (that is 1-6 for you non D&D developers) on anything not good.

    Then came the ghostbane.

    I mentioned that holy didn't mean anything because they had ghostbane now. Ghostbane? What about incorporal miss chance? It is built in.... OMG! But, it has to be rare, right? NOPE. It is the most common thing since deception was added.

    They thought nothing could be worse than Neverwinter's blatant lack of D&D anything..

    Then they saw the vorpal staff.

    "He took his vorpal sword in hand..."
    "... One, two! One, two! And through and through The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back."

    With that, DDO was deleted by unanimous decision. Thank you for losing 2 million potential customers!

    Have you evern thought that the different weapon types from 3.5 had some lore in them? Vorpals, disruptors. Each was a different weapon type and had a reason. Vorpals were slicing, Disruptors were blunt. Vorpals were so powerful, you needed to crit (okay, a 20 rolled).

    How about reading the original rules and making the randoms fit them. Make custom ones of all the other **** that has been made up.

    Also, why do items need to be at a higher level for an empty slot when there isn't anything useful to put in the slot? I never slot anything because the level requirements are stupid. Put everything back to the original levels (even if they have a slot since WHAT you put into that slot increases the level of the item).
    Oh, that's easy. I didn't farm them. I just cheated. -Meghan
    Quote Originally Posted by 404error View Post
    lol, I didnt give it a QA pass.

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    Useing a +10resistence neckie with +10 deadly.

    Problem with random loot is that it most of the time only got 2 bonuses on it. That are worth something. yes you can get augument slots on em aswell but that will cost on how good the bonuses are on the item. and will then in most cases, not be as good as a named item.

    Augument slots and metal types , the stuff iam looking for on most random item. if that comes along with some nice stat bonuses or other usefull stuff, we got a winner.. Problem is its hard to get 2 usefull things on a item. And then it also have to be a item slot wich is usefull.

    Idea = lower min lvl of random generated items, so you get bigger chance of getting augument slots and (metal types) on items, along with good high end stats. there sould be no limit to what bonuses the specific item can get. (neckie, gloves, breacers, rings, helms, and so on. SOuld have have posibility to get same bonuses. And last i kinda miss som high end clickies on random loot. that would be very cool.
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    I'm sure others have nebtuibed this, but I particularly miss the 2d6 named prefixes(Blazing, Boreal, Caustic, etc); these had the ability to very rarely show up on low ML-gear that was NOT BTCoE. I have an ML8 Boreal repeating heavy crossbow with Festival Icy Burst that's been passed between 5 different characters so far.

    I also REALLY REALLY miss the "of the sun" and "of the sun's fury" suffixes. I actually have an entire bank inventory page on one of my characters filled with nothing but "-of the sun" weapons I'm too afraid to use because I know once they are gone I'll never be able to get new ones. Name goes for Crusader suffix and the Night's Grasp prefix. I searched high and low for a useable weapon that was Night's Grasp of the Sun's Fury, but to no avail(the only one I ever even saw was a pick).

    Personally I have equiped mostly crafted gear and named items. My mains have greensteels and use crafted weapons until they can get to them. My alts either have old-style "-of the sun" weapons or named items. Personally I feel like the weapons I'm crafting are better than the loot gen these days.

    Nerfing holy from 2d6 to 1d6 pretty much means I'm never going to equip a holy weapon I didn't craft again. Yes I know about the piddling 'holy II' and 'holy III' items, but because of the loot restructuring it means you'll never see holy III on a low ML weapon, and holy II is just an insult. It was not hard to find oldstyle +1 Holy items(ML4 under the old system). As far as I can tell the new system does not appear to be able to GENERATE Holy items without suffixes and even if could, would not be producing Holy III no suffix. Therefore no nice low-level twink weapons.

    There's this annoying gulf between about level 8 where my last good crafted weapons become insufficent and level 12 where the greensteels come out of the TR cache. I was able to fill the 8-10 slot with "-of the sun" weapons this life, but now I'm stuck at 11 slowly grinding lower-level content because I just can't find a good enough weapon.

    Basically, the lack of available neat low-level weapons has me seriously reconsidering my TR plans. Instead of doing several lives in different classes I am now planning builds that are just going to play as artificers but get me fighter/monk/ranger-type pass lives, pretty much all because of the loot.

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    Hello and Welcome back to the forums!

    A few high level tidbits to consider –

    1) Cannith Crafting and Random Loot should yield the same items. Advantage of Crafting is you can get exactly what you want – expert craft it – find a blank with augment. Higher level shards need to be added – higher potential needed Pot 16 = LV21, Pot 17=Lv 22,….

    2) Named loot needs to be better than Random – Random can catch up 2-4 levels later

    3) Raid loot needs to be better than Named – Named can catch up 2-4 levels later

    4) Upgraded Raid Loot (FoT) and Crafted Raid Loot (LoB, ToD, Shroud) should be top dog for a several levels. Shroud weapons are hard to be until LV 20. Alchemical weapons should be hard to beat until LV 26ish. We need a LV 28-30 Shroud/LoB like raid to work on grinding new stuff.

    5) Retroactively fix existing items that are out of balance per item 1(this might hurt – but has been done before – needs to be done now). I would suspect that all accuracy and deadly are needed to be reduced by 50% to be “balanced”

    6) Cannith Challenge Items are good – need to add LV 24 upgrades – allow 1 for 1 trade down Epic for non epic ingredients (consider named items)

    7) Eveningstart Challenges have had some good changes made – get rid of the random part and you are almost there… maybe trade ingredients in for shards you can hand pick and combine to make your item

    8) Need more threat INCREASING and DECREASING gear – every tank works to increase threat – DPS should be working to reduce threat – currently very few options.

    9) What happened to higher level DR breakers? +7 Metaline of Supreme Good please

    10) Figure out what the item cap will be at LV 30 NOW – so we won’t have to redo this

    11) Ask for our help! Supply a list of effect and item power level on the forums – we can help say what is missing – what is out of wack – it will make your job easier by having us do some of the work!
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