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    Default Help me build a heroic tier Shadow Knight (eldritch tree)

    Hello everyone. With Update 20 rolling out to the servers this week, and everyone getting the addition of the Eldritch Knight tree to Sorcerer/Wizard class enhancements, it started me thinking about something.

    Is it now possible to build a heroic tier character to 20 that simulates the Shadow Knight class from Everquest ?

    For those who aren't familiar, the Shadow Knight was a sort of Anti-Paladin with a lot of life draining and necromantic magic abilities. Lots of Damage over Time spells, (mostly poison & disease based) and a fantastic ability to melee grind by draining life while hitting things in full armor and shield gear. They were the tanks and attrition fighters of EQ, and I would LOVE to build a toon that works similarly now that DDO has Eldritch Knight trees that open up melee with armor and shields to arcane casters.

    I was thinking of something like a split class Wizard/Fighter or Wizard/Rogue(assassin) With the emphasis on Melee capability, and the dark spellcasting flavor of an evil anti-paladin necromancer type.

    So Wizard to 12, with Eldritch Knight melee trees, and Pale Master ranks to Vampire/Wraith form. That leaves 8? Levels of Rogue Assassin for poison strikes, or Fighter for Melee improvement. I'm favoring the Rogue, because you gain enough ranks in disable to be quite self sufficient as a soloist as well, with self-healing combat and traps all covered.

    Suggestions and Recommendations for race stat and errors ?
    Any other suggestions for mimicking the Shadow Knight would also be welcome.


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    I see several different builds that could fit.

    First is the fairly obvious pure wizard wf/bf with adamantine body using a great axe or greatsword with power attack and cleave while still having reconstruct. Basically an arcane WF fvs. Focus on extending good self only buffs and no save spells pumping strength.

    2nd is a finesse based pure elf. Take weapon finesse and put 18 points in the elf tree to get dex to damage with longswords rapiers and bows. Use a rapier. This may even work best as just a defensive wizard.

    3rd 17wiz 3 rogue either halfling or drow. Weapon finesse again and tier 2 assassin for dex to attack and damage with finessable weapons. Full rogue skills and evasion with a bit of SA between class, assassin and possibly race while still having level 9 spells as a vampire or wraith. I would focus on keeping enchant as high as possible for mass hold monster. You could use a shield with this build but I think it works better 2wf for more sneak attack damage. Sadly neither Arcane strike or Arcane Tempest proc offhand hits.

    Honorable mention for a 17w 2art 1f dwarf daxe heavy armor with twilight -10asf on the rune arm. Would still have umd and traps but no evasion.

    These are all just thoughts
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    Presuming this is largely a flavor build for fun, I was thinking wiz 12 / ftr 6 / monk 2: STR-based S&B Stalwart Defender, built to use Nightmare while in wraith or vamp form.

    Feats: Extend/Max/Quik (wiz bonus); Power/CL/GC/IC:Slash/OC; Shield Mastery/ISM/Imp Shield Bash; b.sword prof; THF chain.

    Enhancements: at least 33 APs into SD for Block&Cut & 23 APs into PM for wraith form + T4 spell crits; that leaves 24 APs to spread between Kensei (Haste Boost), EK (+doublestrike, ASF reduction, Spellsword, perhaps Imp Mage Armor & Shield), and AM (if anything's left).

    Gameplay: basically a self-(un)healing melee tank who complements melee DPS with various no-save spells (Ice Storm, Melfs Acid, Chain/Force Missiles, etc.). Uses Nightmare for level drain or First Blood for doublestrike bonus.

    I now look forward to someone tearing this idea to shreds.
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