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    Default Memnir's First Trivia Night! *12/8/13*

    Howdy all!

    I am beyond happy to announce the first Memnir's Trivia Night!

    What started as a way to have fun during the Bridge Protest is going to be an ongoing and regular event held and hosted by yours truly. I had so much fun doing the three Trivia Nights before, I decided to keep the fun rolling, and I would be honored if y'all would join me.

    And this time, I have PRIZES! But, more on those later... first, the details.

    The event will be held on Sunday, December 8th at 6pm EST.
    The first event will be held on my home server of Cannith. Following events will be held on other servers, tba.
    PLAYERS FROM ALL SERVERS WELCOME AND APPRECIATED! This is not a Cannith-exclusive event what so ever.

    The location of the Memnir's Trivia Night will be inside House Jorasco, in House J. Yep - I'll be making use of the actual House Jorasco Structere, in what is properly known as the Jorasco Foyer. It's a nice location, and we'll be out of most folks' way there.

    To find the Foyer, zone into House J, trot up to the big House, go up the ramp, and click on the door. Then, just look for Memnir the Dancing Trivia Bear!

    I will be there starting at 5:00pm EST, to answer questions about the event, or just to hang out. The Event will begin promptly at 6:00pm EST.

    The event will have a few rules to follow, for the sake of order and ease of knowing who got the first correct answer. These worked out very well on the Bridge events, and I will be using them again in the events to come. Here they are:

    When answering a question, you must send the answer in the form of a /Tell to Memnir. Answers put into public chat will not be counted, plus you may be giving away the right answer.

    After the /Tell - you must go an emote. I suggest /Wave. You need not target anyone specific - I'll just be looking for the /Wave. And it's crucial.
    Why is it crucial? Because it is a public time-stamp on the answer. Everyone can see who got in the emote first, and that nullifies any chance of a mistake being made in the scoring. That said, if a mistake does happen - I will act accordingly to make it right. Usually, both parties get the point... but I also have been known to improvise in the moment.

    To take part in the event, just make a character on Cannith if you are not already a citizen - and roll on into House Jorasco. Then try to take the prizes back to your server and know you beat the natives. Cannith Natives - please show up and stand up for server pride! The Event and Prizes are meant to be server neautral, I just need a place to host, and where I play most seemed like a good place to start.

    Speaking of prizes...

    I will be giving away at least 1,250 Turbine Points - maybe more if my budget allows. I'll update this thread if that becomes a reality.

    1st place winner will receive at least 500 Turbine Points!
    And three runners up will receive at least 250 Turbine Points apiece.

    This way, you can enjoy the prizes on the server of your choice, as opposed to items or money. I figured this would be the best way to appeal to folks of all servers to come out and have fun for all events - regardless of host server.

    The questions will cover a broad swath of topics, as in the past. Expect them to be on things like, Movies, TV, Music, DDO trivia, tabletop D&D trivia, Science, Pop Culture, Geography. Pretty much everything is fair game, so be ready for anything.

    Want to be a part of the game? Send me a Question!
    If you have a question you think would be a good addition, please sent it to me either as a PM here on the forums, or as an in-game mail to Memnir on Cannith. Please include the name you'd like me to mention when asking this question, as I will give credit where credit is due. If you are present for the event, you will be excluded from answering the question - BUT, you will get a point if you stump the collective quizsters.

    Any questions on the event itself, please ask below or PM me.

    So, please come on out and have fun with me. This is my way of thanking the DDO players and community for being so damn awesome. I want to not only have a great time with you fine folks, but also to show my appreciation for this community by hosting the best event I can. I need y'all to make it a sucsess, though! So I very much hope to see ya, and can't wait to host the first of many Memnir's Trivia Nights!

    Thanks for reading, happy gaming to y'all!
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