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    Default Need help picking a build for EE content

    Howdy yall, done a ton of lives on my toon and am the point of heading to her final life.

    I currently have:
    3 x Sorc
    3 x FVS
    3 x Wiz

    I can potentially add 3 cleric before building the final life if needed.

    I am looking for a caster build that is good for EE content. I keep reading that pure dps is bad becuase of the sheer amount of hps, or that necro builds dont have the dc's to do well on the newer content.

    Anyone have any ideas. I am open to cleric, fvs, druid, wiz, sorc builds. I like the insta kill playstyle but got good at DPS playstyles with both of the FVS and Sorc lives.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    For low- and mid-level EEs, a DC caster is quite nice. Keep in mind that you'll need to grind out a bunch of twists of fate to hit the spell pen number for EE drow (54). For a DC caster in EE, you pretty much have to go pure, as in no multiclassing. Wizards can reach the highest necro dc of any caster.

    For endgame EE (stormhorn) your DC casting won't be very effective. It looks like the devs intend for this to be an ongoing feature. So, for example, when level 30 comes out late next year your DC caster will probably be just fine in stormhorn but won't be effective in the new level 30 endgame content.

    If you want to go with a DC wizard with instakills, the absolute best option there is is to TR into an iconic morninglord 1 cleric/14 wizard and then immediately use a +1 LR to remove the one cleric level so you're left with a pure wizard. The sun elf racial tree is awesome for a pale master, best race for them in game by a decent margin.

    For the endgame EE where your DCs won't be that great, they may work well enough with enough debuffs. I don't know how mana-efficient that is, or even how effective it is period. I've read mixed reports on that.

    Most people consider a shirardi magic missile spammer to be superior to DC casting for true endgame EE. A tricked out shirardi spammer is ideally a 16/2/2 build, as detailed here. I did just read this morning that shirardi spammers may have been nerfed by U20, but I can't say for sure.

    Knowing you, (hi guildie!), I'd start off with a pure morninglord wizard (requiring LR+1) and then if you get really frustrated with the highest level EE content, LR+5 into a 16/2/2 build. In order to simplify this, pick Lawful Neutral as your alignment. That's because the 16/2/2 build is part monk, and monks have to be lawful.

    For a pure pale master you can't do much better than this thread by Andoris. Note that he recommends drow (for good reason) but later on in the thread nibel points out that sun elf gives everything that drow gives and more. See the morninglord pale master enhancement breakdown here.

    EDIT: I originally said PDK iconic, but it's actually the sun elf morninglord.

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    Since you currently have almost no destiny xp (right?) I'd think you could have a field day as a DC caster in the low- and mid-level EEs. There's much more of them than there are endgame EEs, and you're gonna want around 11 million destiny xp, I imagine.

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    Uh, Elis, are you sure PDK?

    Sun elf would be better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellrad View Post
    Uh, Elis, are you sure PDK?

    Sun elf would be better.
    Yep I just realized my mistake and corrected it.

    I constantly get PDK and morninglord mixed up.

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