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    Default Burden of Guilt on a character

    "Burden of Guilt"

    "You have equipped an item that you probably shouldn't. You will suffer from reduced movement and attack speed until you unequip this item."

    It shows up as a SLOW symbol on the upper bar.

    from DDOwiki

    You have equipped a magical item that you probably shouldn't. You will suffer from reduced movement and attack speed until you unequip this item.
    This condition was introduced in Update 20 to penalize characters that have abused an exploit. Characters that have equipped gear with higher minimum level than character level suffer from this condition, which bestows the following penalties:
    50% penalty to melee attack speed
    30% penalty to ranged attack speed
    1 penalty to attack rolls
    1 penalty to armor class
    10 penalty to jump
    1 penalty to reflex saving throws
    90% penalty to movement speed

    Amazing to be running in uber, uber slow mo. This is on a server that I played on long ago, in a galaxy far, far away so if this character ever exploited it would have been over 12 months ago.

    I have no CURSED items equipped, mainly because they did not exist when I played on this server.

    The only thing that I suspect it is, is a ring that is for a level higher than what I am. You know, one of those items that as long as it was equipped you could continue to use it, but once you take if off, you couldn't. You know, one of those items that it was decided it was too good for low levels, so by golly, we will level up this piece of junk. That will teach the players to equip this ring.

    Rather interesting.

    Unfortunately for Turbine, I have enough XP to level and I am right next to the rogue trainer.

    Yup. it was the worthless ring that was okay for a level 5, but it is a piece of essence creation at level 9.

    Stupid. So, I was able to equip this ring before according to all game rules for the last six years, but when someone decides that the loot tables need to be adjusted, that in order to teach players that they are not playing according to the new rules, they will be HUGELY penalized. Absolutely idiotic.
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    Trust Turbine, they'll fix it.

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