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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesrali View Post
    Has happened to me twice, and another buddy about the same. We have ~100 trs/etrs between us abouts so the incidence seems to be 4/100, or 4%.

    If you roll a 1 DDO takes away everything you have.
    Had one bad Epic Reincarnation, where I was granted no XP.
    According to people in TS the server was super laggy at the point where I logged in my reincarnated character, those problems are likely related to server lag.
    Which makes it more a 50% chance on ghallanda these days.
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    Seems like this is reported every so often, probably back from when ER was first introduced. Definitely sounds like an extremely frustrating ordeal. It's enough stuff to do when it goes right, never mind what you endured.

    However, I can tell you that this isn't always happening. I don't know a frequency for it, but I did a ER/HR just a few days after u25 and everything went fine (touch wood).

    edit: lol! I got necroed!
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