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    Default 'Pure Class' is recruiting new members on Argonnessen server

    Pure Class is a level 70 Guild on Argonnessen server. Our website is
    We've been around since 2010 and grew our guild from the bottom up. We are an established guild with a core group of online friends who met each other through the game. We appreciate each other's company and play and build to similar styles. We coordinate weekly guild runs and play to balanced team strategies. We take care of our Stormglory Tempest Airship with contributions from all of our members.
    At this time, Pure Class is looking to fill our ranks with like-minded people. Our goal is to have our guild comprised of 15 solid people who are in it for the long term. We have some openings now and are looking for folks who are looking for the same things we are:
    * Can play DDO 2-4 days a week, including our weekly Guild Night
    * Have an "I'm up for anything" attitude
    * More interested in quality play than just rushing to your character's next level or playing to solo-quest strategies (like zerging); be a team person who wants to help others do well
    * Understand how best to build pure class characters based on the Prestige & Capstone Enhancements and how to use them effectively in a balanced party (team) system, or at least be willing to learn and implement these ideas
    * Follow directions well - should only have to tell you once
    * Our core group has been with us for three years; we are looking for people who have the personalities that enable longevity and quality: maturity, a good heart, a good lifestyle, and the desire to help and care for others - besides just liking to play video games
    * Pure Class members typically switch toons just to be able to help out others; we don't mind running quests we have already run so as to help others earn Favor Points (even low-level quests); we like to run wilderness areas for slayer, explorers, and rares; we love to stick together in quests; we succeed with our builds and strategies in all the quests that we run together, even at the higher levels and in raids (everyone does their job); we are very class- and role-oriented with our characters; we like to joke around as we play
    * In general, the folks in our guild are conservative, patriotic, and hold Christian values; it would be nice to find similar-minded folks for the sake of getting along for years to come.
    If all those traits are things that you appreciate and want to be a part of, then we would like to play DDO with you. If you are interested in joining Pure Class, we ask that you have a character on the Argonnessen server and play with us! Ideally, we want our officers to each spend a couple hours with you, so the best way to do that is message us in game and we will coordinate a Guild run together. Our officers' names are: Godholm, Radicaltop, Gorgolith, and Asheraah.

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    Hello. To introduce myself, my alias on the web is Fluffysaur. You may call me Joe, if you like. I've been looking for a guild off and on in DDO for a long while, because I do not like to play alone. I tend to become dissatisfied with playing by myself, which is what has lead me to inquire about your guild. I have been playing D&D based games since I was young (now being eighteen) and I've been playing DDO sporadically since about U10/11.

    Now that I have introduced myself formally, I can see how I fit in with your requirements.

    I generally am able to spare time on video games at least two or three nights out of the week. I balance time between school, a relationship, and my own interests. Video games are a stress reliever, which is very much needed in my position. My relationship will take up most of my time and makes me less flexible, but as stated before, I need to relieve stress. I do generally have an up for anything attitude. I enjoy trying odd things and I like a challenge. As for pure class builds, I thoroughly believe that this is the way DDO is meant to be played. Strong role oriented builds that dominate their specific area is the way to go. I currently have a build in mind for a tank that has done fairly well so far. I'm always willing to learn more, though. I don't mind switching characters to help out either. I, personally, think I lead a good lifestyle and am mature. I have plans to attend college, I enjoy being helpful, and I do well in school. However, I do think I should bring to your attention the fact that I do not hold Christian nor patriotic nor conservative values. I am very open minded, tolerant, and respectful. I do not think it will be an issue in how I get along with your group. I actually think it might be beneficial to diversify.

    Mostly, I just want to play with friends while I play. It makes the whole experience much more enjoyable and I'd like to experience the game with you. I'll wait for you response and if I don't hear back, I'll get on Argonessen and say hi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Human_Cypher View Post
    * In general, the folks in our guild are conservative, patriotic, and hold Christian values; it would be nice to find similar-minded folks for the sake of getting along for years to come...
    Are there any other requirements for joining Pure Race?

    *edit; Pure Class. I meant Pure Class. Not sure what made me misread that.
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    Can I join Pure Class with a multi-class toon or is there another guild for that?

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