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    Default A Suggestion for Priorities

    These are my suggestions for the Devs.

    Let me start by saying that the Otto Boxes are at once a brilliant idea and a terrible idea. Brilliant because it fills a need that the players have. Terrible for the obvious reason.


    This basically means that DDO game is so fun that players are paying money to avoid playing low levels. How exactly do you expect to acquire new players when Otto boxes are living proof of how un-fun it is to play? This makes DDO players a population that therefore can only shrink and never grow nor even recover its lost numbers. At this point, DDO plays like a zombie apocalypse. Dead content everywhere. Dead adventure packs. Dead classes. Dead races. Except it isn't dead. It still costs money to maintain. Every time you create a new shiny, the old shiny dies and becomes a financial liability.

    A simple suggestion: Fix the dead content.
    You need to redo Korthos, and Harbor, and Marketplace, and Three Barrel Cove.
    You need to fix Barbarians and Bards.
    You need to fix useless items.

    You keep making shinier shiny at high levels. Good for you. But new players will never see high levels. New players will never shell out the $10 for an iconic to run high levels because all they see is garbage at low levels. They never become emotionally invested in the game so they leave. Now you've got a problem. You NEED to create more endgame content to keep the old players playing. You NEED to fix the early game content so new players stay. What are you going to do?

    *****Epic Vision of Destruction.*****
    Re-use all the old graphical assets, change a few numbers. Add a couple items. Voila. New treadmill to buy you some time while you fix Korthos.
    Level 26 Raid Loot

    Epic Bard's Cloak
    Charisma +10
    Perform +20
    3/Day, Power Word Stun
    Cannith Craftable +12
    (Wait... WHAT? A new item that makes previously dead content, i.e. Cannith Crafting, relevant again?)

    Ruby of Enhancement +9
    (OMG. You mean now I can take my useless Tiefling Assassin's Blade from Three Barrel Cove and bring it into Epic Hard TOR?)

    Epic Omniscience
    Parrying X
    Exceptional Fortification 25%
    Incredible Potential

    Epic Vengeful Protector
    +10 Mithral Large Shield
    Incite +30%
    Healing Amp +30%
    Supreme Good
    Shield Bashing +20%
    Incredible Potential

    Epic Enlightened Vestments
    Armor +10
    Banishing fists
    Wisdom +8
    Cannith Craftable +12
    (More Cannith stuff in case you weren't a bard, and since everyone is a monk...)

    Epic Bracers of the Glacier
    Spell Penetration 4
    Power Store
    Fire Shield
    Potency +90
    Upgrade 1: Colorless Augment
    Upgrade 2: Potency +108
    (Vanilla upgrade.)

    Now for fixing New Player Experience
    GET TO IT.
    The entire new player experience needs to be redone.

    *****Part 1: A Place to Call Home*****
    Binding fix. Instead of being bound to a spirit binder, the new player is bound to a bed inside of Wavecrest Tavern. When they die, they go back to a private room that exits into the Inn. It's warm. It's comfy. It's a place for the new player to emotionally establish as a constant in their adventures. And a recall item that take them to the tavern without needing to /death.

    Wavecrest Tavern Amenities: 0 Plat to bind
    Private Chest (Bank Access)
    Private Bar (Food and Drink)
    Gift Shop (Cure Moderate, Cure Serious, Cure Poison, Cure Blind, Remove Curse, Cure Disease Potions)

    Wayward Lobster Amenities: 50 Plat to bind
    Private Chest
    Private Bar
    Gift Shop
    Jacuzzi (Health and SP regen from pools in Thirteenth Eclipse)

    Phoenix Tavern Amenities: 250 Plat to bind
    Private Chest
    Private Bar
    Gift Shop
    Private Carriage (Stormreach Teleporters)

    Personal Residence Amenities: 500 Turbine Points
    Private Chest
    Private Bar
    Gift Shop
    Private Carriage
    Guild Ship Access
    Permanent Guild Shrines (No Level Restrictions, No Gold Cost, No Expiration Date) (250 Turbine Points to Unlock. Can choose up to 3 active)

    *****Part 2: A Good Start*****
    New accounts need to be changed to automatically receive a 32 point Dwarven Cleric as their starting character with Animal Domain as an enhancement. We want their first entry into the game as 1) Self Sufficient and 2) Complex and 3) Have a cute animal friend to help them get kills.

    Cleric Domain:
    Animal: You may call a Celestial Hound as an animal companion. He gains levels with you and can use light armor and use collars.
    Acute Senses: Your hound automatically performs a search check to locate traps and secret doors when he is in range to spot them.
    Unseen Play: Every 6/4/2 seconds, the nearest crate, vase, bookshelf, statue within 20 feet of your hound is broken.
    Protector of Noobs: If you fall below 50% health, your Celestial Hound will teleport to you and perform an intimidate at +5/+15/+25 bonus. 2 Minute cooldown.
    SHINY: Your hound automatically picks up any coins/coins and potions/coins and potions and collectibles that fall from breakables broken by him or dead monsters.
    Warhound: Your hound gains +10%/+20%/+30% chance to doublestrike.
    Elusive: Your hound gains +10%/+20%/+30% Dodge.
    Money Hole: Your hound can now use tomes. They do NOT persist through reincarnation.

    *****Part 3: Preparing for Success*****
    First, we fix the Korthos quest themselves. Caster Sahuagin are now blue. Melee Sahuagin are now red. We want to train the new player in the art of casting disables, such as command, on Melee.

    Second, we fix the means by which the players find the quest. In the same way that newer quests have a quest chain giver that highlights the next quest in the chain for the player, this convenience is a MUST in korthos. Why the experienced late game players get a guide but the novice lower level player needs to find the quest themselves is beyond me.

    So then, when the player finishes Korthos, they get dumped into stormreach as refugees. WHAT? Nobody wants to be a refugee. Nobody is going to pay money to play as a refugee. The player is now lost in a huge city with no direction and feeling completely alienated.

    ... Will edit this later when I am not so tired.
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    Reserved for future post

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    Great post! /signed - just a few things:

    .) Bugs!

    Bug fixing - especially all the bugged enhancements, need to be fixed ASAP! This is not only important to veterans, but also to new players. If I start to play a game and one of my first experiences is that half of my abilities either don't work at all or work differently than what their description says, I will immediately quit. Enhancement bugs are one of the first serious bugs new players run into => fix them!

    .) Epic Enlightened Vestment:

    To make it interesting the wisdom bonus should be at least +10

    .) Otto's Boxes:

    For many players it is not like they want to pay to not play the game but more like "to make my character more powerful and fun to play it would be sooooo awesome to have past lives x and y x 3, but I simply don't have the time to TR 6 times :'(" => so they get the box(es) to get their past lives even though they don't have as much time as others (mostly because of RL issues )

    Also I disagree on the areas of problematic quests:
    You list Korthos, Harbor, Marketplace and 3BC as main problematic areas - yet, all those otto's boxes users, you claim being responsible for these areas to be dead, have to level to level 8 first -> thus they run exactly these quests (maybe not 3BC, but the rest for sure). To lure more players to actually TR by running quests instead of skipping half of it with a box:
    Make an "Bigby's Stone Of Experience". This stone would cost slightly less than a bigby's box and of course come with all the other goodies (shards, xp pots, slayer pots, jewels, neat named loot) and would provide a completely stacking (multiplicatively like all the other ofc) 100% xp bonus for heroic xp (ofc there could also be an epic version too!) - the only drawback: it does NOT stay through TR - so, effectively this provides the same xp boost as a bigbys box, BUT spread over the whole level range! I for one would totally prefer it over a box, as I actually like a lot of the skipped content - I just don't like all of it and especially I don't like farming a lot of it.
    The same could be done for Otto's - just make it a 150% bonus. - Of course a stone and a box cannot be used on the same life, it is either or. Though of course you could use an heroic box and an epic stone - just not heroic box and heroic stone

    .) "Useless" classes:

    You list barbs and bards as needing the most love - yet especially in current end-/high level game I experience bards as being quite powerful due to their ability to fascinate lots of mobs at once - while enchantment spells works far worse, because epic guard reduces their duration and saves are so ridiculously high! IMO this should be barbs and PALADINS!I think I haven't seen a paladin in months lol

    .) A place to call home:

    Totally love it ... and the final tier should be your own demiplane - with all kind of more mundane (requiring plat) and exotic (requiring shards/TP) options to personalize! I am pretty sure, if Turbine were to make this and creative cosmetic stuff was at a reasonable price, lots of people would spend a lot of money to personalize their own demiplane!

    .) Crossover items / packages:

    I even developed an own idea utilizing this a lot, where crafting you perfect armor would involve getting unique BTA/BTC ingrediences that only drop from specific (old and new alike) packs - thus the ultimate armor would require almost all packs - a lot of old content would just need an incentive to run! (Looooooots of potential sales for Turbine - unfortunately they don't care at all -.-)

    So will stop here ... already once again spent far too much time on a long wall of text trying to help improve this game, while Turbine simply does not care at all and most probably not even one Turbine employee will bother to even read it *sigh*
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    Default Turbine Employees DO Read Forums

    However, since every 5 minutes someone else has a NEW AND IMPROVED idea to "fix" the game, they correctly take no action on it. ESPECIALLY when said ideas are not posted in the correct section(Suggestions and Ideas). If they implemented every single idea posted on the forums, we would not have a game, we would have a horrible mess.

    If you really do want to see an idea implemented into the game, start by posting ONE single concept into the correct section, then talk to all your friends to get them to come agree with you on the forums. More attention(good or bad) by players = more attention by actual real Turbine employees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Infiltraitor View Post

    Not really. They are paying to accelerate progress and in some cases do things they couldn't do otherwise due to time constraints such as TR. I have a group of casual friends that TR'd one year ago and they will only reach level 20 today when the xp requirement is lowered. They are all second lifers. They take their time and sometimes just spend their in-game time chatting. If they buy an otto's box they aren't paying to "not play" and they aren't paying to win.

    Not everyone does a 3-day TR and very few would enjoy running at that pace or for that length of time over a 3-day period.

    Turbine found a way to make money without destroying game balance. Good for them. People that think people are buying boxes to "not play" or to "win" are completely out of touch with the majority of the player base.

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    Default luv ottos

    I play 5 toons that all have tr'd. There is one of them that uses Otto's Box as I want to have a completionist toon. If I had to play all levels I would never be able to complete this project before the game came to an end. My play style and time just would not allow it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infiltraitor View Post
    You need to redo Korthos, and Harbor, and Marketplace, and Three Barrel Cove.
    Korthos is not the original starting area. The Harbor, Marketplace and 3BC are all zones that have been renovated since the game launched. If you think they are bad now then you probably would of really loved the old Market tent and much, much smaller 3BC.

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