so iv made monk with flame blades, went for 'all consuming flame' ability, started using it and doesn't seem to make my attacks any stronger, there is NO purple dmg showing up. I thought that enemies that are more vulnerable to fire show purple dmg when hit by fire attacks. also used the fires of purity and ki bolt on targets affected by all consuming flame and it just felt like it didn't do anything.
Note: Im only lvl 6 so i dont deal a lot of damage so perhaps if my fires of purity deals 1-6 dmg then add 10% to that then it doesn't actually make the numbers any larger since its not even gona increase the dmg by 1 whole nr. But with flame blades i deal about 20 dmg and 40+ with crit and yet dont feel like all consuming flame is actually helping at all. ( Sad Panda )

Please respond if you know anything !