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    Quote Originally Posted by Atremus View Post
    This is a new version of the guild list that Sos used to maintain. Please use the following format:

    NAME: The Merry Hobbits
    TYPE: Small, Casual
    SIZE: Small
    REQUIREMENTS: Everyone must be either Halfling or Warforged.
    TYPICAL PLAY TIMES: European evenings
    CONTACT(S): Me, or kruemeli in game.
    Not currently actively recruiting...
    kruemeli of Orien - Leader of the "Merry" Hobbits
    It is okay to be "merry":
    I just Keep quiet and think....

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    NAME: Intel Rq'd
    TYPE: Casual/Social (we use Ventrilo), Group Play, TRs, Raids
    SIZE: 30+
    REQUIREMENTS: Friendly and willing to learn.
    CONTACT(S): JJMcQuade, Bewbss, Uur, Demara, Dynacel - However, it's best to fill out an application @
    DESCRIPTION: We are, by all accounts, a group of organized zergers and we suffer from an acute case of Blue Bar and Red Bar OCD. We do not fear mistakes, we simply learn from them. We do not fear death, as we will soon be resurrected. After all, this is just a game. We want to be at our best, but keep grounded to the idea that no one knows everything. We teach, we learn, and we have fun. To us, the only thing more glorious than slaying a dragon is doing so within a company of friends. Please read our charter @
    Dynacel (12 Pal/6 Rgr/2 Mnk), Eminence (18 Evoker FvS/2 Mnk), Janaya (12 Mnk, 6 Rgr, 2 Ftr Arcane Archer), Nymari (18/2 Druid Monk), Soulfusion (18/2 Artificer Monk)

    Leader of Intel Rq'd

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    91 Active

    Be good people

    Mostly US evening times

    Arohindar, Eilowin, Luminessen, Michaeld or any officer

    General Guild Philosophy
    Defenders are friendly players who are extremely helpful. We are a social guild, meaning that guild levels are not our main focus, but finding new ways to interact with our fellow guildies is. We still raid and quest, although not as hard-core, but we are a guild that is designed both for new players and end-game players. Defenders always lend a helping hand, especially to other Defenders. Everyone who has the means to contribute to the guild should. Our focus is on enjoying the game, but Defenders aren’t free loaders. Everyone must contribute toward keeping a respectable guild level. We do not have quest requirements, we love to play with new players, and we always welcome new members who are active and can contribute. The main things we look for are people who like to quest with other guildies, people who are active, and people who have a positive and easy-going personality about playing the game.

    Returning to our Roots
    Defenders started as casual, social guild that focused on helping new players and bonding with current members. We were always friendly, overly generous, and helpful (both in the guild and out). Help other players and give them things, if you can. Don't ask for things in return. Be generous and kind. Our reputation will rely on the attitude of our WORST player. It is important every Defender meets this idea of what a Defender is. If someone is not meeting this level of integrity, please take as much information as possible, and let an Officer know. We currently have a no-tolerance policy. Officers may kick a member without warning for violating our integrity rules.

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    NAME: Forever Knights
    TYPE: Laid-back
    SIZE: Small
    REQUIREMENTS: Competence, maturity
    TYPICAL PLAY TIMES: More in U.S. evenings, but all day, most days
    CONTACT(S): Bartylomaos, Magistic, Mechanized, Olathural, other officers
    DESCRIPTION: This description still works
    Bartylomaos and Fwelcyr, of Orien's Forever Knights
    Lag got you down? Do what I do and bring along a good book to read while playing DDO.

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    NAME: Unknown Heroes
    TYPE: Freedom
    SIZE: 8-10 accounts
    REQUIREMENTS: no requirements, just active players preferred
    TYPICAL PLAY TIMES: some of us are online most of the time
    CONTACT(S): Robai (Tro, Cip, Plienas, ... 20 alts), Rougemastert
    DESCRIPTION: We are active small guild, lvl 81 and growing. In this guild you are free man, no requirements, no timed raids, you play as you like, you can solo, can be new, can be gimp, just some activity would be nice. We do some guild runs, you are welcome to join, but it's never required.
    Last edited by TheRobai; 12-30-2013 at 07:19 PM. Reason: typo
    The exact trap DCs in EE HH, A guide for DDO-ML, Unknown Heroes: 3rd place, TR Cache Button, Loot Design, Welcome to Orien: /joinchannel Titan
    Quote Originally Posted by Certon View Post
    This is the most perfect suggestion in the history of suggestions, and it is full of upsides for both players and servers.

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    NAME: Righteous Ire
    TYPE: End Game focused, Raids
    SIZE: 9 active (goal: 15 active)
    REQUIREMENTS: a stabled, solid 20+ at all times; sense of humor; need for challenge; 2 evening per week commitment for group runs
    CONTACT(S): Ursulah and Kv
    DESCRIPTION: Each account is active with both a stabled 20+ equipped/able for endgame while having other toons in a TR cycle of some kind at all times. We run EE. We use Vent. We laugh...sometimes during "serious" content. We're committed to becoming better, to attacking content in new ways. The average age is 30+ and most have day jobs and/or families. The commitment times are light but more than ample to get things done. We simply run raids short while we recruit as one way to offer ourselves a better challenge.
    Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
    --Terry Pratchett

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    Default For Loot And Glory

    NAME:For Loot And Glory
    TYPE: All things DDO
    SIZE:120 active
    REQUIREMENTS: willing to be open minded must be over age 16 and to not cause any drama
    CONTACT(S):Starlissa or Law ---Currently working on Armageddeon
    DESCRIPTION: We are over 5 years old now we have attained guild level 100 we have a very wide ranged of long time players from casual to triple completionists

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    NAME:Champions of Valor
    TYPE: Heroic Questing mostly.
    SIZE:~5 Active Players
    REQUIREMENTS: Be Sane & Social. Prefering to run Elite for Bravery Bonus is a plus.
    TYPICAL PLAY TIMES: 8pm till 12pm EST. 5-9PST
    CONTACT(S):Xevious or Cairnoir
    DESCRIPTION: Rebuilding guild levels, just bought a new Stormglory Tempest and working towards +2 Attribute Altars. Would like to get back up to 15-20 active members.

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