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    Default No more redoing all your hotbars, chat windows, map etc each life.

    There should be some sort of loading/saving of templates allowed for quickbars/UI
    This should have been implemented ages ago since the focus of the game is basically TRing over and over, now even more.

    /uploadUI Zeezwiz
    system message: Zeezwiz UI was successfully uploaded

    /listUI (shows all uploaded UIs)
    system message:

    /downloadUI Zeezwiz
    system message: Zeezwiz UI was successfully downloaded. (Then it refreshes and all my bars, windows, map locations and everything is the same as it was when I set it.)

    I understand that this is another little resource drain so if you don't want to allow multiple ones then at least allow one and each new one replaces that accounts old one.

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    We do have:

    /ui layout save <filename>


    /ui layout load <filename>

    Not as complete as what you are asking for, but it does save time.
    I just need to remember to open the same number of hotbars that are open in the saved layout.

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