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    Default using two monitors with ddo

    hi there guys. so i recently got a second monitor for my PC, and since my primary monitor is quite small, i wanted to know, is it possible to play DDO across two screens? i mean have the game scretched across both screens, to give extra area to place hotbars and the such.
    i tried doing so in windowed mode, but the game just snapped back to my primary monitor. also, when i try to move it to my second monitor, which is wider (so even just using it on that would be an improvement) it doesn't adjust to it, and snaps back to normal size, or to my primary if i try to fullscreen it.
    i run a program called Actual Multiple Monitors to handle the wallpapers and taskbars of both monitors.

    so, my question is as thus. can i play it extended across both monitors? or, barring that, is it possible to move it to my second monitor, and adjust the resolution to fit it?
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    in windowed mode you can't stretch DDO across 2 screens

    If you want to run DDO larger on the larger screen make the larger screen your primary

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