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    Default Commendatios of Valor: Future Uses Ideas

    Change Random Effects on Named Loot

    You (devs) seems to like random effects on named loot. I don't like it, or at least if the effects are excessive. So let us change the random effect using CoVs.

    - 200 CoV: Allows you to change the random effect of a named item by another one. You can't choose the new effect, it's selected randomly
    - 1000 CoV: Allows you to change the random effect of a named item by another one. You can choose the new effect.

    Items with random effects: GH Epic Items, U19 items, Drow Weapons, etc etc.

    Increase CoV valor if needed.

    Upgrade loot level

    I don't care about this one, but maybe some people will like it:

    - 1500 CoV: upgrade some Epic Normal Item to the Epic Hard version, all augments slotted will be lost.
    - 4000 CoV: upgrade some Epic Hard Item to the Epic Elite version, all augments slotted will be lost.

    Of course if the item have some random effects, it will be generated randomly.

    New Augments

    Some new augments that i think would be nice. The color of the augment... your choice. Increase the CoVs if needed:

    Convalescent Augment
    - Heal Amp 10% ML 12, 250 CoV
    - Heal Amp 20% ML 16, 500 CoV
    - Heal Amp 30% ML 20, 1000 CoV
    - Heal Amp 35% ML 24, 1500 CoV
    - Heal Amp 40% ML 28, 2000 CoV

    Monk Augments
    - Reinforced Fists ML 12, 250 CoV
    - Enhanced Ki ML 16, 500 CoV
    - The Way of the Monk (Reinforced Fists + Enhanced Ki) ML 20, 1000 CoV
    - Improved Reinforce Fists (+1[W], not stacking with Reinforced) ML 20, 1000 Cov
    - Improved Enhanced Ki (+2 ki on hit) ML 24, 1500 CoV
    - The Way to Enlightenment (Improved Reinforce Fists+Improved Enhanced ki), ML 28, 2000 CoV

    Parrying Augments
    - Parrying VII ML 20, 1000 CoV

    The next ones should be all Red augments.

    Increase Base Damage on Weapons (maybe not stacking with deadly)
    - +0.5[W] to base damage weapon ML16, 500 CoV
    - +1[W] to base damage weapon ML20, 1000 CoV
    - +1.5[W] to base damage weapon ML24, 1500 CoV
    - +2[W] to base damage weapon ML28, 2000 CoV

    Increase Critical Multiplier (maybe not stacking with OC?)
    - +1 Critical on 19-20 ML 20, 1000 CoV
    - +1 Critical (all) ML 28, 2000 CoV

    Increase Critical Threat Range
    - +1 Critical Threat Range ML 20, 1000 CoV
    - +2 Critical Threat Range ML 28, 2000 CoV

    Thats it. What do think?

    PS: damn title... Commendatios...
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