I have not played in a long time (when the high road stuff came out, I played for a little while longer, then stopped). I have a paladin tank, and it used to work pretty well (I was able to solo stuff like ToD, VoD, EH DQ, some EEs).

However it seems to me, looking at the enhancements etc, that the pally might not be as good any more (my wizard and monk seem to have become much better, pally seems actually a bit worse off). I have not played much, I just logged in last night and was thoroughly unimpressed with the new paladin enhancements.

Is it still possible to create a powerful self-healing paladin tank, preferably S&B? I realize any paladin tank build is going to have low DPS, this has always been the case. I would just like a build that can tank bosses when needed (including current endgame, if any benefit from having a tank), and solo stuff. I have a +20 heart so any level split is possible.

My gear is very dated, abishai x3, claw, conc opp goggles, smoke belt, cormyrian red, citw rapier, wall of wood, torc. I also have most of pre-high road stuff that could be conceivably useful as swaps. If I could reuse some of this gear that would be great! I have nothing from high road or later.

Also where is my divine might?