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    Question DDO hasn't lost its magic - what keeps you around?

    I'm somewhat resolved to post but in the spirit of the game thought this might just be fun! Lets see how many of my fellow DDOers enjoy the game and more importantly keeps them coming back? You can post a sentence, a word, a picture, or anything that tells us (the reader) what keeps you coming back for more?

    1. Friends - voice chat cutting it up and laughing out loud from all corners of the world!

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    Getting halflings killed in pugs. never gets old.

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    I have done so much in this game in four years...and there is still so much more I haven't done. Granted, I'm not a powergamer who plows through all the newest and greatest stuff as soon as it's available. I take my time, play at my pace, play all my alts. I look for hidden spots, explore areas, I have fun with my guildies. We're in no rush, no hurry. I stay away from Wiki until I know the quest, avoid walkthroughs and as many spoilers as I possibly can. I still have a list of things I haven't done....

    - Fall of Truth
    - Titan Raid
    - Subterrane
    - Shroud run
    - Hound
    - VoD
    - ToD
    - Any EE quest
    - Challenges outside of one Eveningstar challenge
    - Lord of Blades
    - Master Artificer
    - Dreaming Dark chain (did IQ, but never DD)
    - Upgrade a weapon, any weapon.
    - Complete a Greensteel item
    - Complete an Alchemical item
    - Finish the Reaver's Reach (only finished two quests there)
    - Crafting.....I've barely touched it
    - Run a pure healer to cap
    - Finish a TR (TR'ed my main in February, stopped him at level 10, haven't gone back for him yet.)
    - Hit plat cap on at least one toon.
    - Max out favor for at least one Patron
    - Max ED for at least one toon, maybe two.
    - Play a Bard up to cap
    - Play a rogue up to cap
    - Complete a quest with the stealth bonus
    - Get a Flawless Dragonscale armor
    - Upgrade my Pinion.
    - Get a Pinion
    - ESOS for my Bladeforged
    - Cleaver for my Barb
    - Nightmare for my Jugg
    - Hit max Slayer on any of the high level wilderness areas
    - Find every explorer in the game without Wiki help.
    - Get my guild to the second tier airship (level 50) after four years....
    - Play a monk to cap
    - Play a all....
    - Have a permadeath toon

    I'm sure there's more I haven't done that I want to, but, yeah, building my toons and planning things like this list here...knowing there is more coming, it keeps me playing. This isn't even touching on the friends I have made, the fun we have together, or how much fun something like this is to someone with OCD and Schizophrenia really is (You mean, I get to organize inventories, have math based combat and inject different personalities and lives into each of my toons? AWESOME!)
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    A massive personal investment. I know there are better games but I have already put so much into this one. I would need a very good reason to abandon such an investment.
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    The ridiculous amount of content I haven't played yet (Not even counting the expansions) the hope that Eberron will be finished and the little nuggets of humor throughout the stories.

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    Default D&d

    What keeps me around is that it is Dungeons and Dragons. It may not be exactly the same as PnP D&D but its close enough for me. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to play D&D and never could get a good group of friends to play. I used to read the manuals and all the D&D lore. For years I was hoping something would come out where I could do some role playing online. This is why I am here. I hope the game keeps going for a while...

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    Content. I still own content I have never seen the inside of.

    This game is huge and it provides a ton of entertainment, if you play it. I generally play every evening, I tend to solo quests that I can. If the quest is too involved, I'll skip it. I rarely PUG for reasons mentioned in a previous thread. One thing I don't do is race to the end game. Every quest is a new experience for me and I have a great time.

    I will play this game untill the servers give out, hopefully by then I will have seen the inside of Amrath :P
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    It's hard to really put a pin in just one thing, for me its a whole lot of little things that do it. Despite all the nerd-rage the game really isn't bad. I guess the biggest is just that I am heavily invested in it, I have many high-level characters, many good items, a maxed-out crafter, many account perks, etc, etc, etc, and the thought of having to start out from zero again in a new game wearies me.

    Of course I've also never complained as much as most people :P the game's got a couple of stupid things but you're never going to find an MMO that doesn't. On the whole I'm happier with it than I ever was with WoW.

    And I guess this is the big thing: there actually IS something to get invested over. Shared bank access and Bound-To-Account items let your little stable of characters sort of feel like a family, having high-level "farming" alts or one really tallented crafter actually gives you account-wide advantages, where is in other games(at least that I played) each character was basically completely unconnected. You had one guy. If you made another guy, you had one other guy. There really was no advantage.

    Finally, even if I don't use it, DDO offers no real "end", or at least, an end that is very far away. I am talking of course about True Reincarnation, some may see it as a treadmill, but I see it as a ceiling with near-infinite height.

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    I hope this game will once again be good.

    Hope is mother of fools.
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    Nostalgia mostly. Friends as well. I couldn't really pick one.

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    Default Hanging out with friends and enjoying the game!!

    I have been around since nearly when the game was released and I stick around for two primary reasons:

    1). Questing and adventuring with my friends that I have made in game


    2). Because I still enjoy playing the game. I like to play in all of the quests (although some I enjoy more than others) and to go around the explorer/wilderness areas and collect kills and to play with different classes and races.

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    am i the only one who is still playing DDO because of ghostbane?

    You are the one choosing not to play alts.

    Casual player now investing way less than I used to into the game, playing 1-3 months at a time and still want nothing to do with Reaper. #improvepuggrouping#alldifficultiesmatter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh_Troll View Post
    Getting halflings killed in pugs. never gets old.
    getting anyone killed in pugs

    I love watching people die in traps. heh

    I'll take a -10% XP any day... just to watch someone die in a trap

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    (1) The feeling of going on an adventure!
    (2) The three-dimensional gameplay with terrain, puzzles, non-standard quest mechanics, etc.
    (3) The level of character and equipment customisation and decision making.
    (4) The strongest LFM system of any game I've played.
    (5) Built in voice chat that people actually use.
    (6) Coyle. In Memoriam, dude.

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    Adventuring together with people from around the world.

    Wasteland II not being out yet.

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    My buddies and I still like the game!
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    The way this game was designed is perfect for d&d lifers like me to get into a group and adventure. Quest.

    So content and guild is what keeps me here. When the TEAM feel is lost, the game will serve no purpose to me.

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    it must be said.....

    wait for it.....


    ghostbane. the leet loot we have all been waiting for.

    100% friends and the ranged combat really. used to be beter, still hoping someday they get to letting the people go who are messing up our once great game

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