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Strangely enough, my Wizard is largely dependent on his ability to cast spells. For some reason the EDs that involve punching and kicking my enemies or hitting them with pointed metal objects don't do all that much for me. Does that mean I need to ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-REROLL?
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If my gimp Wiz was doing just fine in Shadowdancer, I'm sure yours will be as well. My spell casting ability took a slight decline, but I survived.
I will agree playing in a destiny that does not "feel" like it is giving additional power is not fun. However, it is the system we currently have to work "WITH".

That being said, look at EDs that don't directly empower your character for features that will shore up weaknesses.

LD on a caster for example: the Str/Con enhancements and even the action boosts can allow you a chance to Melee against creatures that are highly resistant to your damage spells
FoTW has wisdom enhancements and Boulder Toss
Shadowdancer has some nice defensive abilities

Now some of these EDs don't offer anything at the lower levels and some do. But sometimes it takes looking for positives instead of looking at the negatives to allow you to "stomach" through to access what you are actually after.