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    Default Bastard Sword and Shield, Khope and Shield or THW?

    Are BSw "better" for Cleave/GCleave type build (sword and board) than Khopesh? Or does IC with a khope overshadow the BS splash damage?

    Is considering spending a feat on exotic weapons for a S&B with Heavy Armor dumb? ie would just be better to go with a GrSw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rykka View Post
    Are BSw "better" for Cleave/GCleave type build (sword and board) than Khopesh?
    Not sure what you mean by a Cleave/Great Cleave type build. Any melee build can benefit from Cleave and Great Cleave regardless of whether they are sword and board, two-handed, or two-weapon fighting.
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    Default pls help

    im having a graphical 3d issue and do not know how to turn it off.

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    The main benefit of bastard swords (or dwarven axes) for a s&b build is having glancing blows, whereas khopeshes get the extra crit multiplier instead. If you have the feat space for the 2hf feats, they'll boost the glancing blows' damage & chance of effects proccing so they'd be better overall IMO, especially when facing multiple enemies. Otherwise, single target without glancing blows taken into account khopeshes will be better against things that can be critted.

    Of course, something else that might factor into the decision is that khopeshes are traditionally far more expensive in the AH, and bastard swords tend to be relatively cheap & plentiful.
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    For DPS, you'll always be better off going with 2H weapons (or TWF) rather than S&B. While there are various S&B-specific DPS bonuses in DDO these days (e.g., Shield Mastery feats, Block&Cut from Stalwart Defender tree), it still lags behind the other combat styles (by design). Plus 2-handed weapons require fewer feats to do good DPS: Power Atk, Cleave, GC, Improved Crit, and Overwhelming Crit are more than sufficient; the THF chain is good if you can squeeze it in, but not a must-have, IMHO. OTOH, for S&B DPS you want those feats plus Shield Mastery & ISM for doublestrike & PRR bonuses.

    S&B melee is about sacrificing DPS for extra survivability and/or threat amp from Intim. So whether it's worth it depends on what your gameplay goals are.
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