Well, let me start off by saying I just started my cleric life, I am now level 12, and because as part of a discussion in the past about healers and divines, I opted to take up a bet about this life path for my main toon.

Well, ok, the rules were simple enough, I needed to be a pure cleric, and needed to do something other then "just heal" with that put out, I then needed to pug my quests and I personally don't put BYOH in my LFM's.

Well so far, the first 12 levels have been pretty smooth sailing, I am a War Priest, using a Sword and Shield, and mainly a melee build, figured that would be enough to make things fun, and, no one seems phased by this, I toss a few heals around as needed, but never anything great.

To date, the craziest thing I have had happen was while doing the pit, and I had someone join my group and then proceed to do 3BC quests. never said a word either, just joined the group and started to 3BC.

I am still stunned they did that.