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    A good change. Allowing Hit Points and Spell Points to regenerate in town and not just in a Tavern.
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    The Offer Wall was a travesty and it's surprising that Turbine survived that black eye.

    I honestly strongly like the new enhancement system. I think it's one of the better things Turbine have done for the long-term health of the game, especially if they buck the trend and follow up by fleshing out the missing trees. Maybe even going beyond 3 / class as long as nothing is removed from existing ones.
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    Default my top 10

    My top 10 nominations/votes:

    The good unannounced surprises:
    .) Auto-shrine at quest completion (very awesome!)
    .) PM no longer need to spend 100 sp each time they enter a quest
    .) Introduction of Reset-button in the Quest Entrance UI
    .) Introduction of Shared Bank (just thinking back at the times where I had to mail everything to my mules makes me shudder)

    The bad surprises:
    .) The removal of "Survive The Low Road"! This was my favorite low level quest! >:[ ... the weirdo Sahuagin version of if in Korthos doesn't even come close to the original
    .) The death/neglection/shelving of pretty much all raids (except FoT and CITW) and all old epics (except VON3 for xp)
    .) The ShadowFAIL expansion -.- (especially the loot ... I mean, seriously? -.-)
    .) The forum change (still bugs me )
    .) Unbound/BTA bags becoming permanently BTC if they have a BTC ingredient in it
    .) The retroactive change of all transmuting into metaline weapons (understand why it was done, but still at that time I was just "W-T-F???")
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    Ah, some good things in here, I had forgotten about.

    I will add a positive - the removal of Death XP penalty.

    I will add a negative - failing to provide a history of DDO Store purchases from Day 1 and the continuing failure to provide an easy way to track TPs, both earned and spent.
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    Would like to see these changed back:
    - Changes made to Risia Festival Glaciation, from no ML to ML:+16, who ever thought of that.
    And then the refund for the lost Winter-Motes being 1/5th of what you actually invested in it.
    - Changes to disease immunity and poison immunity.
    - Changes to Minimum Level of some affixes like Superior Stability.
    - Keen and Improved Critical no longer stacking... oh that was 3.5 ADnD, sorry.

    What I like:
    - The game keeps growing and evolving.

    Biggest one:
    - When I bought DDO seven years back it only had 10 levels, a few races and a few classes.

    My biggest hope for the future:
    - All classes, all races, all settings and then some more.

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    Surprised on the Offer Wall not being #1.

    How often do you get a company that you pay money to that ACTUALLY LINKS YOU to sites so you can get viruses? Maybe all other companies do this since I have only done DDO as an MMO or online game, and I am unaware that this is an accepted practice.

    Ghostbane is ****, but getting a virus is worse.

    No mention of Customer non-Support?


    Not making us run around with a curse cloud over us until a kindly curse remover removed it from us. I could spend the whole day in the Harbor removing curses from players running around.

    Blowing up the Market Tent and giving us The Vale and the Shroud, the Hound, and Vision of Destruction.
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    XP Debt and Dave Eckelberry's epic rant.

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    Enhancement Crash [2013 Edition]
    ******** Streak
    Forum Downgrade
    TR Changes
    Loot Devolution [2013]
    European Nightmare Transfer

    Special Mention to the Leveling Tokens and the Offer Wall ( even if from an European point of view they stayed theoretical )
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRobai View Post
    1. Skills like heal/repair are finally useful
    I think you mean:

    --1 Removing spell power enhancements from all classes, and then splitting up the previous bonuses between "points spent in tree" and skill modifiers, thereby enacting a skill tax on all casters. This includes such boneheaded moves as linking negative energy spellpower to Heal, while wizards (Pale Masters) don't have that as a class skill, or forcing multiple skill selections upon characters with 2 points per level and Int as one of their few dump stats (cleric, favored soul, sorcerer, druid, paladin).

    Let's see what else I can add to the list...Top 20, because I'm twice as frustrated with Turbine...

    1. Bravery bonus mechanics introduced that further separate the veteran players from everyone else when questing.
    2. u19 raising the level cap without including enough content to fill levels 25-28.
    3. The near-total eradication of a DDO endgame with the combination of increasing the level cap, screwing loot tables to eclipse most worthwhile named loot.
    4. Releasing the epic destiny system with bugs, some of which still haven't been fixed a year later.
    5. Epic destiny grind: it's miserable chugging through millions upon millions of XP in destinies that do nothing for your character.
    6. Caught In the Web. All of it. From the bugginess for the first months it was out, to the total joke that is the Llolth fight (which should have been awesome/awe-inspiring), to basically turning our uber-epic characters into babysitters for the true hero, to making a fairly monotonously boring raid overall.
    7. Inexplicably nerfing monk's Touch of Despair into the ground.
    8. Finally giving us greensteel deconstruction, after everyone asking for it for years only to lock it behind an item with a pitiful drop rate.
    9. Sticking Epic Reincarnation behind a HUGE grind, when it should be made as easy as humanly possible to attempt to distract everyone from the absence of any endgame.
    10. Presenting absolutely underwhelming rewards for Epic Reincarnating.
    11. The Feather of the Sun failure with the u19 loot system.
    12. The Feather of the Sun failure with the challenge rewards.
    13. The double-think failure with the Abbot loot (nerf everything in the raid, then offer an upgrade item to bring them back to be weaker than they were before).
    14. The disappearance of developers who listened and communicated (Genasi, for one).
    15. Finally giving us a Holy Avenger (Divine Vengeance in VoD), but making it thoroughly underwhelming, and then abandoning it.
    16. The new Divine Might.
    17. The new paladin enhancements.
    18. Updating epic quests to the Normal/Hard/Elite model, but really giving us Casual, Casual+, Normal, Extra Elite.
    19. The new combat mechanics (AC) that make AC less worthwhile for AC-focused characters at endgame, when one of their express purposes in redesigning it was to keep AC relevant at endgame, and still useless for almost everyone else.
    20. The new combat mechanics (AC/to-hit) that make most small bonuses (+1, +2...+4) almost worthless for many characters, but not updating the way bonuses are applied to keep everything semi-worthwhile.

    Now for the positive (at least lately):
    1. Listening to everyone and expanding the enhancement pass to 6 class trees instead of 3.
    2. The enhancement pass done on rangers. I can finally truly enjoy my Monkcher.
    3. The King's Forest, Underdark, and Scchindylrinn explorer zones.
    4. Screwing the game up so much that I was able to take a break for a year and do other things with my time.
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    The fact that Turbine fixed the performance killing lag that was probably unhealthy for hardware in Necro II and Subterrane has me the absolutely most surprised.

    I mean, seriously, they fixed an important issue nobody was talking about!
    Well, I'm shocked...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TekkenDevil View Post
    The fact that Turbine fixed the performance killing lag that was probably unhealthy for hardware in Necro II and Subterrane has me the absolutely most surprised.

    I mean, seriously, they fixed an important issue nobody was talking about!
    Well, I'm shocked...
    Well, it's kinda because people expect to be able to PLAY the game they pay for. Back in the day, everyone was complaining about it but then the expansion came and nobody ran subteranne anymore for the lag to hit you. And don't let me get started on that memory leak still going on and the zone crashes every hour.

    I haven't been playing long enough to know half the stuff that you guys mention but for me:
    (Note the loot change is an April's fools joke. Can't believe whoever designed it still works for this company after all this backlash and I won't put it into the bad changes because I think of it more as a bug that made loot not drop than a change).

    Good changes
    Enhancement pass is a great step towards the right direction (but needs a lot more work, balancing and bug-fixing wise)
    The item change/update that brought old items up to date to new DDO standards

    Bad changes
    They way they made epics into regular quests with the prefix 'epic' in front of them.
    The increase of level cap without any real meaning behind it (all you really needed to add was epic destinies).
    The change from seal/shards/scrolls into normal/hard/elite.
    The p2w mentality. Epic destinies should have been free. Stones of experience + asah.
    The ac changes that turned this into a jumbled unbalanced mess that 95% of the game's population has no clue what's going on.
    The move from the amazing setting of Eberron to the FR - alright, I might be a minority here
    The item change/update that DIDN'T bring old raid loot to new DDO standards.
    The change from d&d into whatever it is now.
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    In no particular order:

    Bad changes
    1. Epic Destinies
    a. Some of the destinies had no feedback dialogue going on and therefore were/are ****, SIGH. I particularly hate the FvS tree, hated how arties didn't get their own trees, etc.
    b. Having to run into completely useless destinies. Even if you don't want any twists, you might not like the ONE tree you start with. Think a melee FvS, I want Legendary Dreadnaught, not the paladin or the FvS tree. Again, the arti situation bugged me because I made a hybrid and as such I wanted the sorcerer tree and then had to work my way to the rogue tree and then had to swap between them depending on what I wanted. I did not realize this trend would bleed into enhancements SIGH. Running in the bard tree was infuriating after having a full sorcerer tree. Any time I did raids on any character, I wasn't getting any ED XP.
    c. That they are paid. I bought the expansion, I don't mind paying, but if you call yourself a F2P game, such a huge part of character progression being paid only leaves a bad taste.
    d. The way they completely overshadowed TR-ing.. I got more power and faster getting a great ED setup than several planned TR lives. I was never into completionist and +1 to bow to-hit seemed like nothing next to rogue ED.

    2. Epic quests
    a. Normal/Hard/Elite are BS. Too easy or too hard. Yes, challenge me, I love challenge, I love to put sweat and tears and all that, but the three difficulties are not well spaced. And Epic Elite is one of those where some builds you just don't bring. That brings back nasty memories about Abbot runs and elitists and I want to throw up. It's not about you don't bring bad builds, it's about... DC based builds, go bye-bye.
    b. Old epic loot was destroyed. Quest loot, raid loot, all ravaged. BTC or no BTC, named loot load-outs give you some things to strive for. If all I have to look forward to is lucking out on some random loot that could drop from ANY quest... or simply make money enough to buy whatever I want... I'm bored, man, I'm bored! I used to have entire "good enough to not embarass myself in front of my guildies" and "ultimate" gear lists. I knew what I was striving for, I got excited when someone said let's run X epic. WOOOOOO. Now? HAHAHA. I miss my long grind to get all 4 parts of an epic. Gave a reason to play a quest more than once or twice.
    c. Epic quests counting heroic completions for XP penalties. XP penalties are such a passive-aggressive thing. Just let the players play what may, jeebus.

    3. Enhancement pass
    a. The fact that you basically have to LR to make it work even if you don't need to change classes. Annoys me. It's an enhancement pass, leave skills and feats the heck alone. SIGH
    b. I hate what they did to artificers. Hybrid is no good at anything anymore and playing SLA spam ANNOYS me. It's so boring. Cycle through 1-5, and again, weeeeee.... Oh yes and for that privilege my bow is much worse. And if I go the other route, my BB takes a nose-dive. It never pays to hybrid I guess.
    c. The half-elf... Just... my poor ranger dilettante. Now my monkcher cannot get healing aura AND top arrow imbues. Again, hybrid suffers.

    4. Raids
    a. WHAT raids? GH raid was an improvement but too little and far too late.
    b. CiTW. Hate. HATE. HATEEEEEEE. Mana drain? To hell with you. Escort? Oh for crying out loud. Bugs, bugs, bugs and completely useless CS. We basically beta tested that **** for them on live. And the loot? HAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHA. Awful. They needed my FvS often, but did she even want anything from there? No. Did any of my characters? Not really.
    c. The whole loot revamp from before and the new one... named loot, raid loot, is the stuff you scrape off of your foot compared to random loot.

    5. Guild slots. Le sigh. Was that necessary?!

    6. Challenges.
    a. The nerf to XP. Like ***, again, stop and let us play what we want to for XP. Stop getting butt-hurt we don't want to run whatever you want us to. Improve the quests less visited, how's that fools. On top of which, I bought them as they were, do I get some of my money back cause they made my product crappier?
    b. The loot in the new challenges. I played them once for first time XP and to help guildies but that was it. Random items or items requiring insane number of drops to make weeee. No, thanx.

    GH epic. Not the loot, cause that was MEHHHH or EWWWW, but just having those as epic.
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    The loot Ghostbane tables is Ghostbane what did it Ghostbane for me. Ghostbane

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    I can't really think of too many other things that hasn't been already mentioned but just add to the thread I think the largest negatives for me were the website changes (including the forum changes and loss of MyDDO, at least the blogs for MyDDO), instituting the guild renown decay and how its formula kept changing, changes to old loot that got upgraded but not retroactively (had to regather the loot item), the great "wall of silence" during those combative periods with Atari, the loot changes made during the Shadowfell Conspiracy Expansion.

    However, there are many more positives for me than negatives. The addition of the Cannith Crafting system (however, a negative here is that is hasn't been updated to current standards/abilities), the removal of the guild renown decay, the release of the new races (Half-elf, half-orc, drow, etc) and classes (Druid, Favored Soul, Artificer), the recent enhancement pass, the creation of the epic destinies, and the various new quest updates and expansions (Gianthold, Vale, MOTU, etc.).

    One thing I would enter here also are the very few times that we had special events, in particular, the Marketplace Tent explosion during the devil invasion was particularly memorable and it would be great to see something like that again (also those few times when raid bosses were spawned in the Harbor out of nowhere).

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    Ok, I have updated the list as it gets more votes. I am moving my original nominations from post 2 to here so that I could put the "Honorable mentions" in their own post to shorten the screen length on post 1.

    My nomination, minor for most, but still irks me:

    Changing Huge Bags to BtC, unannounced.

    The fact that they still cannot seem to make bags work properly is right up there with ladders for me..
    I am going to further nominate the unexpected change to Shroud blades. An instant classic in "How to Kill a Raid in 1 Day."
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    The very best changes:
    • Retaining tomes across true reincarnation
    • Level sigils removed (were these in the game since launch or only since free to play?)
    • Recent reduction and rebalance of XP requirements for TR1, TR2+
    • No more permanent repeat penalties to XP!
    • Every character receiving a free lesser heart to use once per life
    • Every single time they add more storage space

    Fairly good changes:
    • Recent adjustments (mostly increases) to quest XP, especially House Cannith
    • First time completion XP bonuses
    • Lowering ML of many Cannith Challenge items by 1
    • Free silver rolls, resulting in the occasional free xp pot, skill tome, and so on
    • The Monster Manual system
    • Free Veteran I status at 1000 favor
    • TR1 open hard, TR2+ open elite
    • Cursed, masterful, and wondrous item mutations in random loot
    • Deadly items in random loot
    • XP, slayer, guild pots pausing in public areas
    • Revamp of Reaver's Reach crafting, although way past due
    • U9's crafting system, though it has become dated over time
    • Echoes of Power
    • Adding search field to green, red, etc bags
    • More shroud ingredients (end reward lists, extra chest shard/elite)
    • Setting metamagics per hotbar slot
    • Barter UI changes, especially in Shroud
    • Trap damage scaled up
    • UI layout save/restore
    • Better in-game healing options (elixir of _____ healing)
    • Enhancement pass, overall positive

    Fairly bad changes:
    • 2d6 is now 2-12
    • ML of old frost/icy burst items increased
    • Poison/disease immunity becomes non-immunity
    • Spellcraft/heal/repair skill to spell power changes
    • Loot reroll button UI
    • Mucking around with tome drop rates, upgrade vs base
    • Cursespewing prefix ruined, Vorpal becomes not really Vorpal
    • Air elementals on steroids
    • Killed MyDDO, probably killed YourDDO
    • In general, beneficial changes to loot that aren't made retroactively
    • In general, detrimental changes to loot that are made retroactively

    The very worst changes:
    • U5's two weapon fighting nerf
    • Removal of ridiculous amount of random loot suffix/prefix
    • Changes to Cannith Challenges that disfavored players
    • DDO Store experience pot "redundancy" shenanigans

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    All of you are forgetting the Vast & Mysterious debacle.

    For months, we are all promised something VAST and MYSTERIOUS!! Turbine (or specifically Tolero) kept teasing that it was coming SOONTM.

    It finally arrives, and it is some lame House Phiarlan event where some people were able to win some unique sword and/or hats... (i've forgotten the details it was so forgettable).

    Later, Tolero said something to the effect of: "I considered the Vast & Mysterious stuff to be small events like that"

    Read that carefully.... VAST was equated with SMALL!

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    I like change, its generally good but then i'm odd like that.
    I don't mean to come across as unsympathetic - but I am, so I do.

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    The poison traps that deal poison hit point damage even when you are poison immune or poison resistant, and the poison neutralizers don't neutralize poison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Circon View Post
    The poison traps that deal poison hit point damage even when you are poison immune or poison resistant, and the poison neutralizers don't neutralize poison.
    Thats a bug.

    The best change they ever did for me is bravery bonus.

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