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Thread: Thank You DDO.

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    Default Thank You DDO.

    This is kind of a bittersweet letter for me. To be honest, I'm not one for much fanfare or being the center of attention and making an issue out of things. However, I do feel that I should say some things before I leave because of the impact DDO has had on my life.

    Thank you DDO community for being... interesting to say the least. Though I have had some spats with some of you in game, at the end of the day I realized that the DDO community is one of the best. For the most part, people were always extremely helpful and kind to me, even when I did stupid things which happened... a lot. I was never very good at DDO, always being the weakest link in guild runs or PUGs, but I enjoyed about every second I played this game. That was because of the willingness for people to try and help me learn about the game's mechanics. Heck, I think my first build is a testimony to my...shall I say... lack of knowledge? I mean... a 14 ranger/5 rogue/1 barbarian with a lot of intelligence and lack of strength or dexterity... That is the formula for success; I encourage you all to be a ranger/rogue/barbarian with level 8 gear running Acid Wit on Elite. It's fun.

    Thank you DDO developers. Though I may not have agreed with you 100% of the time, you still made a gaming environment that I enjoyed playing in. I remember the first time I saw a kobold I fell in love instantly with their little "yarks!" or when I first saw a beholder and my jaw dropped. I was terrified! I went on so many adventures in this game that it is funny when I think back on them. I remember going into the vale of twilight for the first time with a friend and being scared to go near the orthons. I remember wandering down a hallway for skeletons to start hitting me with arrows. I also remember buying my first cosmetic pet, a kobold which I named Skittles, and taking it out to kobold assault to teach it who its master was. I was horrible back in my DDO youth... Every step of the way though, the developers were there designing and creating an environment of wonder in which I could create stories and run the same quest over and over but with a different outcome each time. My favorite quest pack was always Attack on Stormreach as I never had as much fun running a quest where you could be blown up by giant barrels, turned to stone by a Medusa, ran over by a boulder, and walk across a minefield. And the kobolds were so adorable in that quest. I wanted to give them all hugs.

    Lastly, I want to thank my guild. I am not going to name names on the forums as I am not sure if they would like that, but V, E, F, and L, you have been the best friends I could have. Each one of you helped me in so many ways, and now we are friends outside of DDO. I remember guild runs where we would face the lag monster and still keep our spirits high. I remember TRing with each of you, so many silly little adventures as we tried to get max xp/minute.... I remember V and I complaining to E about how tired we were of farming a quest. I also remember doing silly things like dancing on the airship, running around /hugging everyone, and walking the plank. I also remember telling you my character's story (A Drow was kidnapped and put under a spell by a kobold... and I was their child... the Drobold!) which was why I was a blue skinned halfling named Yarkyark. I remember how patient V was when teaching me how to run raids and him buying me a dragon which I named Bubbles. I remember F and I farming for the seals he needed and just talking for hours about random things. I remember running Acid Wit for the first time with L and he helped me as a level 16 toon with level 8 gear and no buffs... die horribly in the quest. BUT , L raised me every single time and then helping me rebuild my character. I also remember talking to E for hours about character design and how to make our toons cuter... though a blue halfling in black dragonscale armor is hard to beat.... We also spent so much time TRing our characters and talking for hours as we went on our adventures. If it wasn't for you guys, DDO wouldn't have been half as much fun. I love you all!

    Anyway, to conclude I just wanted to say thank you... thank you for the memories, both good and bad. Thank you for the hours of fun and... thank you for kobolds the most amazing creatures ever.

    Goodbye All and Merry Adventuring,

    Yarkyark Koboldson

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    “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” ~ Mark Twain


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    I approve of your love of kobolds, but I disapprove of your dislike of fanfares. I love a good fanfare. Or a nice trumpet call. Or a guy with a gong hitting his gong with a big stick so that it goes "doinggggg" with plenty of reverb.

    Anyway, you seem like a nice player, so take care out there and have a great time. And remember: "Kobold not afraid of dark. Kobold can close eyes."

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