I've recently TR'd my Evoker Favored Soul and decided to give a chance to the Eveningstar Saga's. After having such a nice and smooth experience from the GH Saga, I thought I cannot complain about the Eveningstar Saga/Quests without having actually tried it out on Heroic Elite. So I did in the past two days.

The results are the following:
1. Some of the Wheloon quests are actually worth it. 3 out of 5 i liked to run and will run them again. These are Army of Shadow, Friends in Low Places and A Lesson in Deception.
Stormhorn quest exp is awful. And I mean awful. Compared to Stormhorn quests, Amrath is a piece of heaven. I have an Elite Streak going on, I am using 20% exp boost, a Voice of the Master and a 5% exp Shrine... I've gotten between 10 and 15k exp on FIRST TIME Completion for an average of 30min per quest. A break in the Ice gave about 24k exp and what goes up 30k i think. For the time invested, it is really bad. It's not worth my time, actually, I could better farm one of the Eberron Quests till 80% penalty and still get more exp/minute out of it.
My suggestion is: PLEASE boost up the exp. It's your expansion. make it worth it to buy and play these quests. They are so very long, they should give at least (!) double to triple exp.

2. the Saga exp is too low. for 24 quests I've gotten 110k exp. Completing this saga took me 2 days (and i play really a lot of hours per day). Compared to the GH saga (takes about 3h to complete for 46k exp) it is way too low. Also, even if you argument that you actually get 2 Saga's completed with about 26 quests done, please keep in mind that most of these quests are plain difficult. Especially Stormhorns cannot just be run, even with a good evoker, well geared, level 20 with maxed out saga's it's not a cake walk.

3. I will not bother to complete these Heroic Elite Eveningstar Saga's again. It's frustrating because it's too difficult while the rewards given are too little. Don't get me wrong, I like difficult quests and I would play them if they gave great exp. But about 1,5h in Heroic Elite What goes up, with 45 (or more, i gave up checking after 45) deaths in a 6 people party is a no-go if it gives about 30k exp. I am not willing to pay to pass quests that don't please me. I will just not play them and if I cannot complete the Saga because of that, then be it. I am not the only one that thinks this way and it would be nice to see some serious boost up exp wise to the new expansion quests (and saga rewards) because right now, its a disappointment.

4. You have upped the exp of a lot of quests on lammania recently. Please take a look on your expansion quests and seriously boost the exp to make them worthy quests. We paid for them, we wanna run them cuz they look good and they are actually some fun to play but not for such little exp.

Thanks in advance,