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    Wink Cannith Challenge

    I just stepped thru a door in Extraplanar Mining; Buying time to look at "Shavarath; Devils Battlefield" Took a screenshot and tried to load it here but couldn't. It was a unique experience to see such a Glitch.

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    Did you actually go to the battle field? If you actually went there thats odd,but if you just saw the loading screen its not such a big deal. There are lots of screwed up loading screens,and we still have the famous "The" loading screen,even though it was to have been removed.

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    Yea I have had this happen you dont go to the battle field but the view of the dungeon is replaced with a view of the battle field. You still see the corridor of the challenge and still have monsters but there is a door way which shows the battlefield through it. Really trippy

    Took some screen shots will try to find them.

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    My client has a habit of not loading/rendering certain models sometimes, so I saw this too one time, when pretty much the entire starting room didn't load.

    It turns out that we've accidentally discovered where this planar palace is actually located.

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