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Ha, whatever. I have no need to admit I am wrong cause that is the run that I had. I am not a trophy collector so had no need to take a screen shot.

Believe me or don't, I don't care.

I had since spent time over 20 and so didn't bother trying to recreate focusing on getting my ETR out of the way. I was going to give it another go for a screen shot as I was leveling up. However, now I really don't care to prove to you or anyone about it.

In Picture Portals almost all my runs at higher levels are just 2 staring the challenge. I often am not able to get all doors open when soloing, and usually run out of time killing at least one boss. So technically that is 2 starring (no teleporters are used) but that is not enough for star 3 and 4. But my score is high enough that I always get over 600 mats, and that after noon I had over 800. And yes I was running underleveled.

I do know that I have quite a few folks who have kept tabs on me to see when I run challenges cause they like the pulls they get when they run with me.
Then dont write you gonna post ss when you wont.

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Why? What's the point? So I can demonstrate to ONE person too lazy to read the star objectives what the star objectives are?

You cant get 800+ ings with 1 star, thats my point, two of you are writing that you can but provide no evidence.