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    Default Guild Chat issues

    I'm on-line with a few guildies and the guild chat appears to be not working....userchat and tells are working. Anyone else noticing this issue?
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    Shut game / computer down.

    Fixes most sound / chat issues.

    Also for sound issue, look at microphone, it might be muted...

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    I think he's talking more of text rather than voice.

    Try /g [text] see if that goes through.

    But, for a more permanent solution:

    Try clicking the actual chat tab and Set Incoming chat and Outgoing chat.

    The last one usualy works, but sometimes I get stuck on the sub menu so I use a redundant Set Incoming to be able to exit the sub menu

    ie: if you have the Set Incoming chat Guild unchecked. then you won't see Guild chat.

    Not sure if that helped?

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