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Thread: WTB stuff

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    Default WTB stuff

    Large Collectables bag - 2 bypasses
    Spider-spun caparison with +3 wisdom - 5 bypasses
    Seal of house dun'robar with +10 shatter - 10 bypasses
    Alchemical Shortsword - 3 bypasses
    30% hamp bracers of superior parrying - 15 bypasses

    I can pay in other stuff as well except from bypasses, just giving u a clue at how much im paying for each of the items.

    I rarely check in box so contact in game on : teonnan/azazyl/klainmain.

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    2 bypasses= like 300-400k. Come on Klain.! You can do better than 350k for a large collectables bag. XD

    P.S. I believe they have been costing 900k whenever someone finds that stupidly rare thing. :/ (I only has 1! >.>)

    Well anyways.... Hope you find what you are looking for.

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