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I never said that it was exciting to watch, soccer is not fun to watch, but is far more fun to play than any of the american sports. I've been playing for the past 22 years (even if the last 12 years were recreational league.)

But here is a list of other sports that are far less entertaining than soccer:
Hockey: Pretty much soccer on ice and remove the brakes.
Basket ball: who wants to watch a bunch of lanky men in shorts hump each other trying to put a ball in a small basket?
Bowling: need I say more?
Tennis and table tennis: lets hit a small ball back and forth hur hur
Poker: yep, poker players consider themselves athletes.
Baseball: b/c well...watching people stand around trying to hit a ball with a stick doesn't strike me as entertainment either.
Track and field: who cares who can run faster, speed isn't the only thing valuable in racing...add parkor or outrunning police/gangsters to the olympics in place of normal track running and I'd watch it.
Edit: almost forgot Swimming: As Daniel Tosh says "You know, that thing you instinctively do before you drown.'

And those 'bone crushing hits' are not so bone crushing due to all the padding and protection they wear, now if football were a sport for real men, they'd stop wearing the pads. Only in american sports do you hear complaining about making millions of dollars a year...millions for playing a game. Most soccer players are glad to just be playing.
I played some soccer its about as boring to play as it is to watch and as to basketball and football those are pretty exciting to play although for only seconds at a time. Baseball yah that's boring to play or watch. Track field hell to watch but depending on what event fun and exiting as hell and hurdles is something more than just speed. Tennis no not fun to watch but I would rather watch a 100 games of it over 1 soccer game I cant see how it attracts the crazies it does.