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    Default Master of Fears (for fvs and possibly cleric)

    I was thinking about old D&D domains and implementing them in enhancement trees like a few are now:
    We have : war, light, darkness, healing

    Then I thought fvs, really has only 1 tree, and the other is shared with cleric anyway, so heres one for fvs (though you could add it as a "fear" domain cleric also)
    Fvs needed a darker tree, the darker powers have champions too.

    This is a work in progress.

    The lines in the point section with the same Numbers are linked to ones in "higher" point zones.
    For example amplify bane and horrific bane are linked , amplify is a pre-req for horrific.

    Core Abilities:
    (1) ?
    (3) ?
    (6) Bane aura (toggle)
    (12) Doom Aura (toggle)
    (18) Nightmare Guard
    (20) Fear Aura (toggle)

    1 point
    1) You gain bane added to your level 1 spells (2)
    2) Amplified bane: (1,2,3) Your bane effects now inflict -2,-3,-4 to saves vs fear
    3) Your weapons inflict bane (2)
    )Self Confidence: (1,2,3) You gain +1, +2, +3 to will saves

    5 point
    1) you gain Scare added to your level 2 spells (2)
    2) Horrific Bane: your bane effects now cause -1/-2 to all saves and an additional -1/-2 to hit. (2,4)
    4) Your fear effects now makes them paralysed with fear, they will not run. (2)

    10 point
    1) you gain crushing despair added to your level 3 spells (2)
    )Scarecrow: You become immune to fear yourself and gain a toggle that makes you fearsome if you wish it. (2)
    3) Your weapons gain cursespewing. (2)
    4) Mass Hysteria: creatures affected by your fear effects can cause nearby enemies to become shaken. (2)

    20 point
    1) you gain fear added to your level 4 spells (2)
    )Improved cursing: your curse spells give -5/-6 instead of -4. (2,4)
    3) Your weapons gain improved cursespewing. (2)
    4) Lingering Doubts: Your fear effects now can 1 in 20 cause a curse effect on the victim. (2)

    30 point
    1) You gain phantasmal killer added to your level 5 spells. (2)
    4) Sum of all fears: Your fear effects now can 1 in 20 cause a phantasmal killer roll on the victim (2)
    )Living Nightmare: every 200 seconds you can gain infernal power gaining a profane bonus to strength and constitution.

    Input, comment is welcome, redesign if you want, add some missing holes.
    No balance for points is in there atm

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    /not signed

    No evil alignments!

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    I have no objection to additional enhancement trees being added, but do not confuse those with domains.

    EVERY class gets enhancement trees.

    Domains are something separate that only Clerics should get, and that are supposed to be part of the balance of the class.

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    its rather 1D...all it does is basically paralyze everything (with the T1 enh). AA does the same for less AP. Plus, total noob trap: by Epic, everything saves and your entire PrE becomes useless.

    Also, gl in necro and Manufactury

    Lastly, seems an arcane specced in Necro can already basically accomplish this, minus the increased debuffs...roll a PM instead?

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