View Poll Results: What's your favorite quest in Three Barrel Cove?

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  • Garl's Tomb

    31 12.40%
  • Ghost of a Chance

    62 24.80%
  • Guard Duty

    9 3.60%
  • Legend of Two-Toed Tobias

    42 16.80%
  • Prove Your Worth

    108 43.20%
  • The Fire Caves

    29 11.60%
  • The Scoundrel's Run

    55 22.00%
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    Fire cave. At least part I : quick xp/min.
    I love scoundrel run too, it is quick and a good mix of puzzles, fights and 'traps'.

    I love the wilderness map, and the variety of quests but the other one - except ghost of a chance if u have puzzler - aren't worth the xp especially at that range.

    Edit : even though it's a pain to get back to speak to NPC then run again to quest, I like the 'general' idea of having a part 2 ... sounds like a "the pirate strikes back"
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