View Poll Results: What's your favorite quest in Three Barrel Cove?

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  • Garl's Tomb

    31 12.40%
  • Ghost of a Chance

    62 24.80%
  • Guard Duty

    9 3.60%
  • Legend of Two-Toed Tobias

    42 16.80%
  • Prove Your Worth

    108 43.20%
  • The Fire Caves

    29 11.60%
  • The Scoundrel's Run

    55 22.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    This is a lesson in perspective. So many of the people who I play with and chat with HATE prove your worth, and yet it's winning the poll for favorite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrinityTurtle View Post
    This is a lesson in perspective. So many of the people who I play with and chat with HATE prove your worth, and yet it's winning the poll for favorite.
    Much like Chamber of Coalescence. Everyone either hates it, or loves it.
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    Prove your worth, really?
    Whats so special about that quest, get evasion and just run, pretty boring quest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    The quest-makers are curious: what's your favorite quest(s) of Three Barrel Cove?
    Ghost of a Chance. Love the puzzle!

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    This is forced choice. I can honestly say that I don't like this pack and have just come to skip it every TR, unless a guildie or gaming buddy is really keen for some reason. Then, it's usually just Ghost of a Chance, but that's more of an xp/min thing.

    Epic out Reaver's Refuge instead ...I'm just sayin'...
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    fire caves for the quick xps; but i like most of em and go out to 3 barrell every tr for at least 4-5 runs.Gotta do explorers to open map up 1st 3 barrell isnt very big,unless you r runnin circles on a black map

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    My favorite quest in Three Barrel Cove? Where is that again exactly? Oh that's that one pirate area. Yea, played it before they changed the landscape back when level cap was 14. Played it again last fall to grab some named base items in the event the epic items are useful and that's about it.

    Seriously though - there are better options of stuff to take Epic than TBC - the Titan raid (with Ghola Fan/Mines) or Cult of the Six would be great. It's not to late! Pull out now! Stick with rolling out Forgotten Realms content and leave the sinking ship of Eberron behind! You guys have sunk so many man hours into the re-development of the TBC map in the past. Move on to greener and more profitable pastures!
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