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    Default Mabar -- Thanks

    So I read the notice that Mabar is going down early, and my first knee jerk reaction is to post a complaint about how unfair it is for all my personal reasons... Then I waited and let it set in, and now I just want to post this:

    Thanks to Devs and team for Mabar, I have enjoyed it this year, I felt the changes and improvements were a net positive to the festival as a whole. I believe this will be the first year (my 3rd Mabar) that I will not be able to get the loot I want for at least 1/3 of my toons. I love the new loot(but then who doesn't love +5 tomes and kewl augments...)

    I am sad that Mabar is closing 11 days(and whats really important to me, 2 weekends) early, but in the end I just want to say Thanks for all the work that went into it this year, looking forward till the next time it's open.

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    I second this! Thank you all for the work you did here, and the fun times.
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    I second this, too. (Or is it called thirded, then?)

    I enjoyed the event. I even got 3 signets for my main char, but that wasn't really the point. I liked how players worked together, helping each other out and towards a common goal. I liked hanging around the graveyard with other people I never ran before, chatted between the bursts of activitly when a group of mobs spawned. It was fun. It was a lot more social and relaxed than all that "Know quest! BYOH!" stuff.

    So, thanks! It was fun while it lasts and I hope there'll be more of it to come.

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    Agreed. Thanks devs the event had some problems but overall a lot of people enjoyed it. So kudos for that.

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    I liked the reward changes they made, but I cannot say thanks for taking the basic mechanics of the event and making them actually worse than before.

    So that's my addition, as half-hearted as it is.

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