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    Quote Originally Posted by cdbd3rd View Post
    Get ready for pet sparklies coming soon to a cosmetic armor slot near you.

    If it comes in a color to match the feather in my Cove hat, I'm totally there.
    Goddess, you know it baybee!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bromuro View Post
    P.S: Besides Zealotry's voice is charming/mesmerizing and i bet she is a witch or a succubus disguised.

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    I could get behind an armor that had some of the following features for nostalgia's sake.

    Cursed Featherfall - +40 to jump. Feather fall rate 10 times slower than standard
    Cursed Freezing Ice Guard - Mobs that hit you have a 25% chance of being frozen solid, no save. 1% chance on hit of freezing player solid, no save.
    Cursed Soundproof - +40 inherent sonic resist. All chat audio is disabled
    Cursed Treasure Seeking - +3 loot bonus. Only affects other players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KookieKobold View Post
    i'll be putting a bug into our system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkly_dreaming View Post
    Just make it a cosmetic armor, BTA. 20 scales, not too terribly hard to get. Useable by anyone without any whining about the effects/stats not being good for x class or y build.
    Twenty scales for a cosmetic armor is way to much, one is enough for that.

    For a real armor I would like to see something along the lines of:
    Armor and Dex based on version
    This armor gives a spectral bonus of 50 to PRR
    Eternal Come to Pass: You are considered sneaking even while it is not active. While wearing this armor you receive a 40% Enhancement bonus to run speed, and your outline appears faint and you are harder to hit (50% Concealment). Attacking another creature, or otherwise interacting with objects shunts you back to the Material Plane only to fade back out again immediately after doing so.
    One Purple slot
    One Green slot

    One, two! One, two! and through and through. The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
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    If you're going to go for a pretend armor set why not think a little more outside the box?

    Have it provide something new that's not currently in the game rather than a boring "stat stick" item. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightBear View Post
    Twenty scales for a cosmetic armor is way to much, one is enough for that.
    have you seen the price for cosmetic armor in the store? like 650 TP, that's gotta be 20 scales at least! Maybe 20K motes, a dozen fangs and a 5 lich dust and a the beating heart of a turbine employee.

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