I started three days ago, and today I picked up the VIP pack because I have been enjoying the game. I played a dwarf barbarian to level 4 (almost 5), and I like the hack 'n slash reminded me of oldschool diablo II but in 3d mode. I'd like to stick with the barb class, but with the VIP pack opening up the half orc I decided to try that out. I have been researching the class over the past few days but I still have some unanswered questions. Orcs get +2 str over dwarves, how much damage is +2str on a per hit basis, say with a 2h weapon if equal gear. If it varies greatly between levels then maybe a few ballpark estimates at various levels would helpful. If the STR stat isn't that significant than I would rather just roll a drow or halfling barb instead.

I also read that orcs only get 1 skill point per level and should "eat a tome" early so they can get more..Are these the points that go towards things like jump, balance, tumble etc.? Also, I found a tome on my dwarf that said it granted +1 search, but I wasn't sure if I should use it in case it took up a "tome" slot or something. The guides I have read generally say to raise four skills (jump, balance, tumble, intimidate) and another one mentioned concentration. I am weary here because it seems these stats can't be redone if one makes a mistake.

Thank you for all your answers. I have spent more time reading about this game so far than actually playing it, but I am sure I will have many more questions because I can't find all the answers.