So, I have grouped with two of these shurimonks so far. Monks that do most, if not all, of their damage with a shuriken.

I am a pure drow monk, so I get +4 hit/dam with shuris anyway, and +chance to hit with extra stars equal to my dex. Since I am dex/con/wis based, with no str, this seems totally reasonable, as ninjaspy gives me dextodam with them. A brief unconfigured playtest at 18 with the level 16 elite Morning Star did noticeable damage, on the order of ~75dps perhaps. Given that it's heroic, and my gear is totally random, and I am not geared to do this in any way, I think it's not half bad.

However, how would I make a shurimonk work? And how/where do I get 10k stars from? I believe it was made a feat but I can't find it on ddowiki.

I am trying to maximize twf/shuri tossing to get the most out of my ninja spy and would love input from everyone, especially shurimonk builds. I have an lr 0 I will be using to reincarnate with and am level 19 with a +5 supreme tome. Any feat suggestions and ordering is really welcome. Thanks!