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    Default Mabar Dragon Fight by the #s

    I am curious what experience others are having. Can you please post the following:

    # of successes/# of attempts @ each level range
    # of runs with crippling lag
    # of runs with severe lag
    # of runs without any lag

    Any notable glitches such as lost keys, extra scales and not getting a signet:

    for me:


    26-30: 1 Success / 3 Attempts: Both fails had cripping lag. The 1 success had severe lag but we managed to complete anyhow. One of the fails was so bad that I couldn't move the entire time and then finally all at once the entire party was dead and I had to log out and switch characters because I never teleported out. I gave up on this level range completely.

    20-25: 13 successes / 14 Attempts: 2 with cripping lag. 1 succeeded anyhow. I had 2 with no lag - the rest has some lag that was severe at times

    Notable Glitches
    - Joe Lantern reset the count @ 10,000 instead of opening the dragon instance at 8:30am EST Sunday
    - I lost 4 extra keys due to teleport errors
    - I received 1 bonus scale due to a teleport error one time
    - I didn't receive a signet from 1 success - I have no idea why

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    All Sarlona:

    Level 26-30: 4/6 success. One of those fails isn't really fair to count as I logged in w/ 1 minute left of the door being open and got into an instance with 1 other person but it's included for completeness.
    Level 20-25: 3/3 success.
    Level 15-19: 3/3 success.

    I definitely have had a few keys eaten and despawning mobs in the farming area are quite annoying but that's about all I've run into.
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    On Orien

    My first ~20 runs over Thursday, Friday and Saturday were successful at a variety of levels with minimal lag. There was one failure due to not enough players.

    But Sunday. Oh Sunday. I had one successful run out of 6 on an 11th level cleric. All others runs 20 and up failed due to lag wipes except one failure due to not enough players.

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    26 - 30 -> 10 Attempts - 6 Successes 4 Failures (3 Failures to Death of Alter - No Idea on if that was lag related as my room did not have the dragon or spawns at the time of failure, 1 due to being surrounded by shadows at the switch which caused lag, killing both of us. Less then 2 minutes later booted because dead too long)

    20 - 25 -> 1 Attempt - 1 Failure (Less than 16 people in the instance - The message of the Dragon Summoned and Alter Broken nearly simultaneously posted)

    Now I've seen "less" lag in this event this year than in any previous year, that does not mean I've seen none (See Death Failure above). However, I attribute that to the following:
    1. Upgraded PC from 3 to 10 GB RAM
    2. Upgraded Video Card from standard video card to a Gaming Video Card

    I'm willing to bet those that suffer the most lag are suffering from both the "Server Lag" (something only Turbine can fix) and "Video Lag" (Something the user can fix but only at a price)

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    Level 20-25 - 14 attempts/11 Success. Out of those, two were due to severe lag, couldn't move. The other was due to incompetance. One of those was Friday night, the other was yesterday. These are on Thelanis, btw.

    Level 14-20 - 3 Attempts/2 Success. The one fail came last night, dragon spawned into my room. I was on my level 15 cleric. In the room was a Favored Soul and another cleric. Twice as many as normal gargoyles appeared, and we couldn't get the aggro off of the altar. No lag in any of those cases.

    Level 7-13 - 5 Attempts/5 Success. Had one almost fail due to lag, but it mysteriously vanished after about 30 seconds.

    So, 18/22, two of the four were due to lag so bad that no one could move.

    Now, other notes. Like many others, on Saturday evening I clicked to go into the 20-25 instance, got the loading screen, then ended up back in the graveyard and missing a key. Went back in the instance, and we failed due to lag. Said key would be returned, no key returned.

    Next day, on a different character, going into the 20-25 instance, went in just fine, had one key, it used it when I went in. Lag and failed, but didn't die this time. Said key would be returned, ended up in the graveyard with two keys.
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    6 success / 8 attempts @ 9 to 14 instance on 14 sorc
    Thelanis on Saturday and Sunday
    0 runs with crippling lag
    1 with lag; I would get stuck for 3 to 5 seconds then a few seconds of jerky movement then it stopped. I was killed but did not cause a fail; stayed in and got my signet.
    7 with no lag or very insignificant lag. The fails did not occur in the 1 bad lag example.

    1 success /1 attempt @ 15 to 19 on a 17 rogue
    Had no problem with lag.

    Chat was advising no AOE and no summons.
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    Khyber 4 out of 11 success all in 26-30 instance

    5 of fails do to crippling lag, 2 of them unable to move from the point that the first wave of gargoyles spawned until an alter was destroyed.

    The other two were due to failed alters(no significant lag), my room was in good shape, so no idea what happened. Had full instance with properly distribution between the rooms.

    Of the 4 successes, 3 of them were in the morning (7-11 Eastern), most of the lag failures were closer to prime time.
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    Level 22: 5 successes out of 9 attempts. All failures due to full-stop lag. Successes were either lag free or little lag.

    Level 17: 2 successes out of 4 attempts. Again failures due to full-stop lag. One success also had full-stop lag for the majority of the instance but the dragon died anyway.

    Level 7: 1 success out of 3 attempts. Again failures due to full-stop lag. Delera's is very empty at this level so getting a reasonable number of people in a dragon instance is difficult.

    Interesting bug: during one failure I got the usual loading screen for leaving the instance but instead ended up in a brand new instance. It was lit like a brand new instance (un-prepped altars, etc.) and showed the usual count-down messages and message about less than 16 players. Unfortunately only one other player ended up in there or I would have tried to run it

    I thought I didn't get a Signet for one run but later found that the reset time for Signets is 8pm Eastern time. I had thought it was midnight. I did a run at around 10:30pm and then at around 11am the next day but obviously there was no reset between those times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAL View Post

    Level 22: 5 successes out of 9 attempts. All failures due to full-stop lag. Successes were either lag free or little lag.
    This has been my experience on Cannith as well. Successful raids were basically lag free. In the failed rains I had complete lag - not able to move from the instant gargoyles spawned.

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    Level 22: 3 attempts, all successful although first one came very close to failure due to lag

    Level 12: 2 attempts, both successful, one produced 2 scales

    Level 7: 4 attempts, 2 successful, 2 failed due to lag

    At one point someone told me "Only pull lever when dragon is in your chamber. Pulling lever summons more gargoyles and increases lag." Every subsequent run I warned people about this, and all of them had little or no lag.
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    10 runs 3 completions.

    2 completions @ 20 to 25 level 1 fail - three runs.
    1 completion @26 to 28 level 6 fails - seven runs.

    All fails were due to lag.
    Lost one key that I know about may have lost another.

    All ran at peak playing times.

    Unless you can play off peak then your only chance at this event is to get lucky.
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    2 wins lag free (first two runs on first day)
    1 loss from total instance-wide crippling lag
    2 wins with lag that started about halfway through the raid

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    I only remember last 2-3 days:


    2x 9-14 no lag, completion
    2x 9-14 kinda laggy (1 completed, 1 failed)
    1x 9-14 frozen in place as soon as dragon spawns, failed


    1x 9-14 no lag, completion
    1x 9-14 severe lag, failed
    2x 20-25 kinda laggy; 1 of the attempt started incredibly laggy, half people died, then rest of party had a smooth rest of run (1 completed, 1 failed)
    6x 20-25 frozen in place as soon as dragon spawns, failed
    4x 26-30 frozen in place as soon as dragon spawns, failed
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