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    Default Has anyone else only had a good experience with the dragon chamber?

    There are a lot of people complaining about chamber lag. This really hasn't been my experience at all. On Orien in the 15-19 instance I've had four really good, successful runs with good parties and all four have resulted in signets.

    I'm wondering whether my experience is typical or whether I've just been lucky. Hearing from people who have had good runs would be appreciated.

    *Note: I'm not denying that some people aren't having issues, I just want to hear from people who haven't been struggling with lag to get an indication of how prevalent the problems are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendael View Post
    There are a lot of people complaining about chamber lag. This really hasn't been my experience at all. On Orien in the 15-19 instance I've had four really good, successful runs with good parties and all five have resulted in signets.
    Bolded and underlined your answer...
    How many players you get per instance? I am guessing far fewer then in the up to 30 bracket.
    I have 1 success and 4 fails so far on orien in the 25-30 (or whatever the high one is called).
    All lagged out.
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    I've been into the 15-19 instance on Ghallanda three times so far, and lag was not a problem in any of them (although one failed due to lack of players to defend the altars). I've experienced crippling lag a few times out in the graveyard however.

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    Khyber, I've been running around with level 19 toons with not much problem. I'm currently 4 for 4 dragon runs. Two of which were almost lag free. One of those I even quad boxed without any issues. Of the two with lag, I could still react fast enough to heal myself and fight.

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    I ran at 16 and 27 level enough to get my +5 tomes, and it took 8 tries between both toons. 3 each for 6 successes, 1 fail because of crippling lag, and 1 fail because the idiots in my chamber fought on the altar.

    Didn't run any more cause there wasn't much point.

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    I've had decent experiences so far. I'm 5 of 6 with the 3 signets I wanted for my monk. Lag has varied from none to total freeze.

    Interestingly, the one failed effort I was in had no lag, just not enough people coordinating to keep the altars up.
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    Only had issues in the 26-28 range Mabar event

    Level 7 was cakewalk, level 20-25 no issues.
    Sad part is, there is no difference in end reward from level 7 vs level 28.
    So it would be simple to TR with a group and farm the event in easy mode.
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    I've run it 14 times now between four characters (Toon level 25 8 times, one fail; Toon level 22 ran twice, both successes; Toon level 15 ran twice, both successes; Toon level 10 ran twice, one fail, one success)

    Of the two times I failed, one of those was due to not having enough people (Eight of us, one at each altar and one at each lever) but then completed the next round with 12 of us (this was the level 10.) The level 25 fail came last night, and was due to lag. It was after the dragon spawned. Dragon spawned in our room, no lag, beat the **** out of it, then it teleported, a few seconds later, showed up in our room, on top of me, and none of us could move much...after a few seconds it was completely still. And then we wiped.

    I think overall the event is fine, and more people are completing than not....but I fully support those who are failing due to the lag. It does exist, but it seems to be in certain instances. No matter the level range (but more prevalent in higher levels). I did go into a i2049 instance, and was met with instant lag, so after the couple minutes it took me to turn around, I left, came back in and was just fine in instance i2052. It seems i2049, i2050 and i2051 are the culprits. I had many runs on i2051 with no issues, but last night on Thelanis when there were 5 instances of the graveyard running, went into 2051 and that was the lag wipe I experienced.
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    Have yet to strike lucky with a instance with even half the necessary people needed to complete(lvl20-25). On Friday I was online from fairly early GMT(10am-ish) until nearly midnight I only saw the chamber open twice, it may have been more but I only saw it twice. First time about 7-8 people second time less. Today I have kept a vague eye on the number of people online in that lvl range and those actually in the graveyard, I have yet to see enough people to fill one instance(in graveyard not in total) On the bright side I have lot of motes and SIX keys!! lol.
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    I've run the level 26-30 twice. The first run had zero lag for me and failed. I have no idea why. The second run, we lagged out early but completed. We also had about 6 people in every room and 2 on each lever. I know because I ran the entire instance to find my spot. I thought the max was 24 for the dragon instance?

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    The only time ive had signifcant lag was in a lower level instance. Otherwise i havent had practically any lag.
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