So Mabar is a good time to throw some Mabar-themed augments into the game.

We got: a ghost bane one, a silver+light one, and a level drain one. all solid, I guess.

How about:

Red Slots:
-Vampirism (1d3 Hp on hit)
-Ghoul's Touch (Paralyzing)
-Nightmare (on vorpal proc PK)

Blue Slots:
-Greater Undead Guard (a blue one)
-Vampiric Guard (every time you're hit in melee, you regain 1-3 HP)
-Zombie Fists (add +1W to unarmed attacks)

and so on. I feel like this could have been a really nice way to get us not to just buy tomes with our signets.

Thanks for listening. You guys are doing great.