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    Quote Originally Posted by HernandoCortez View Post
    Sheesh... no, thank you. Too much grind.
    So, in the past two years you have not yet done nearly all Quests on Elite or Epic Elite?

    Quote Originally Posted by hsinclair
    I heard the devs hate all wizards, bards, clerics, fighters, and fuzzy bunnies and only want us to play halfling barbarian/paladin shuriken specialists!

    It's totally true, I have a reliable source. You better reroll now.
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    5000 Favor is pretty tough to get and +5 tome is sort of lame reward for getting there. Should be something a bit better. Maybe if it was BTA it would be ok, but my 2 mains have already used +5's in the relevant stats so would be mostly useless.

    Now if they don't fix the loot tables and keep +5's as "Store Only" it will probably be OK for all the new players.

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