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    No, but no thank you

    Grab a character slot and enjoy yourself starting with a new fresh toon with lots of things to do and so many things to earn (levels, enhamcents and ED!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoglum
    Come play Dungeons and Dragons! In heroic play you will face the evil minions of Demons... When and if you make it to Epic levels you face even greater threats. Threats like... giant rats and wolves!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazyfruit View Post
    I'd enjoy the feature a lot more with a progression system. Leveling up epic destinies is fun, with new abilities at every action point. Hitting level 20 and already having everything other than some gear with level requirements? Meh.

    Would be nice if we could start over a single destiny of our choice at level 0 and enjoy leveling it back up to 5 while collecting karma.
    You know you can pretty much already do what you want. Just reset your points. That way you can put points as you level up as you wish. The bottom row stuff will be automatic but the tiered abilities need points in them to function. Just hold off putting points in the abilities until you feel you've earned enough xp.

    That way you can have your progression system. Because the problem isn't that there isn't a progression system. The problem is that you give up a lot of your progression just to do it again with a slightly more powerful character. You still have to re-earn your Epic level Feats, it isn't just about gear.

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