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Thread: AA build

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    Default AA build

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    Just a few things, that only goes up to level 25.

    You get adept of forms free at monk 6 so no point picking up the feat as well, I'd move the leveleling around a bit to be able to get monk 6 by level 12 or 15 to get master of forms at the same time.

    There isn't a +7 tome of Dexterity in the game, to qualify for combat archery I'd suggest dropping con to 14 and upping dex to 16 to get 21 dex for CA with a +5 tome.

    Lose weapon focus ranged you don't need it for AA anymore. Pick up cleave+great cleave (using feat spots from wf:ranged and adept of forms). Pick up overwhelming critical by either using a +5 STr tome there too +2 level ups. Or the +3 tome you listed +4 level ups.

    Drop toughness (you don't really need it anymore) pick up completionist instead.

    Good luck and have fun .
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