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    Default Nom. Nom. Nom. Mabar still eats Keys... Also, no call support?

    Just a PSA / Report that Mabar is still eating keys. The following circumstances eat keys:

    - Failed Teleport into the Chambers. You simply reappear in Delara's immediately, less one key.
    - Dying while in the Chambers. I haven't suffered this personally yet this year, but I have in years past and people are claiming its still there, so adding it to the list.
    - Failing to light all Alters before time is up. I wound up in an instance with three (yes, just three) people, and we just went afk until it timed out... no key reimbursement. You have to light the altars and let the dragon eat an altar. But not let it eat you, because if it eats you, you lose a key (see previous point).

    The only situation where you get your key back seems to be:

    - Lighting all Altars, fighting the dragon, losing because the dragon destroys an altar. On this kind of failure, a key seems to be returned (possibly auto-gathering into a red bag). As long as you're not dead when that happens.

    Additionally, I tried calling customer support and it says the offices are closed. The site (and the phone message when called) still lists them as open 7 days a week from 10am-7pm est. Is there an announcement somewhere its closed or what? And if so, why are the site and phone message not updated with that information?

    Between nearly 50% loss on keys due to failed teleports or unfilled instances, and the terribly lame "shadar kai AE Chain Of Griefing" everyone trains over to people hanging out, I've got to say Mabar is still pretty rage inducing. I mean, at least people are participating this time because of the new rewards, so thats cool. But the event is still not functioning correctly, and the new AE Chain is so grief friendly I honestly wonder how it made it into a public instance. You realize that chain is a griefer's dream right? Closed phone support isn't good either... any response on that? Hopefully thanks for fixing some of this devs ... /sigh.

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    call support is down today due to a Halloween party. i just got home from work and too lazy to find the dev post on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qhualor View Post
    call support is down today due to a Halloween party. i just got home from work and too lazy to find the dev post on it.
    Heres hoping that it's a Full Turbine Staff Halloween party and they all decide to log onto their toons (assuming they have Wifi and laptops) and do some Mabar and all get lag wiped on the Dragon!
    Hopefully this happens whilst they are all half drunk and someone rages and smashes a laptop or something, maybe then they might think something needs to be done.
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    Yeah, I am 5/8 runs on Lagbar so far, and 0/3 after 3pm eastern, last fail lost my key, I do not have a stack of 177 of them from last time around (in fact bought this one with motes) and with their horrible drop rate (got 2 so far in about 8 hours of killing mobs, solo and in group) IT IS a big deal for me. Please put the festival on hold and fix the lag, you've done it before.

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