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    Default Does AOE spells cause lag in Mabar dragon runs? Yes or no.

    There's been a certain amount of hate directed towards casters after lag-failed Mabar runs, blaming their AOE spells for the lag.

    I've had one successful Mabar run thus far (CR26-30). I've cast AOE spells liberally during that run, and there was no lag whatsoever, so this is not a 100% cause-effect situation. But I cannot rule out the possibility that under some situations, like when mob count or AOE count exceeds a certain number, it could cause lag. On some runs, I've not cast any AOE, but lag still occurs. But of course, AOE spells can be occurring at other altars that I cannot see.

    Its been difficult to pin down the cause of lag, because when lag occurs, people don't want to do post-game analysis, and go over what's had happened in the 4 altars. They have either lag-died and are at their bind points, or they have rage-quit, or they just don't want to stick around.

    There are alternative rumors spreading around. Like lag occurs when people pull out their pets/summons, or when too many people come into an instance. Another popular theory is that disco balls/CC spells cause lag.

    Personally, I think that the most "rational" reason for lag is that when a combination off too many toons and too many gargoyles occur, there is simply too much computational load on the server. The AOE/CC theory of lag is just false correlation, because when too many gargoyles occur, casters intuitively reach for their AOE/CC spells. But I'm not sure.

    I'm hoping that this thread will enable some calm postgame analysis to help everyone track down the cause of the lag. Its difficult to do controlled experiments since Mabar is a public instance that anyone can enter, not everyone is willing to do what you ask, and no one person can see all 4 altars. So sociological-type correlations are all we can aspire to.

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    I'm going to say no.

    People often confuse graphic slowdown with lag. The freeze up lag is a completely different animal from graphic slowdown.

    Graphic slowdown is completely on the users end. I have it myself. Stuff is just happening faster than the 'puter can draw it.

    Frozen in place lag is not happening on the users end. During these occurrences, my frame rates are generally unaffected. I usually have no exceptional latency either.

    P.S. I've been in raid boss fights where the graphics were super intense, and my frame rates drop down into single digits for extended periods. But there is no lag.

    I've been standing in a tavern by myself with absolutely nothing going on at all, and been hit with lag spikes that made me unable to move for minutes at a time.

    Whatever causes this freeze lag, it certainly comes to a head during Mabar.
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    I am 10 for 10 on Orien, but I know there have been instances that have lag failed. The high-level instance just before 6 PM EST Friday failed due to lag. Everyone I know that was in it died.

    In my 10 successful runs I have cast a wide variety of spells, and so have others. Ice storm, blade barrier, mass frog, disco, you name it. Only once did I see any noticeable lag.

    I think instances that are lagging are probably due to one or more folks having a bad connection in the instance. There doesn't seem to be any tie in to the spells that are being cast in my experience.

    Last year on Orien was far worse. About 50% of every instance I was in lag-failed. We might have new backing hardware, or just that many people have left the game that it's not as bad anymore.

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    Well I've had some lag in the dragon runs I've done, and it was pretty severe, but not completely debilitating. I own a 6 month old Alienware X51 desktop, so my machine is capable. My normal latency betweenhome and is around 50ms(14 hops). I quad box with four accounts (only take one or two into the dragon).

    However I did notice one thing while running in circles for undead. I'd leave three by Joe and head out and run around with my fourth. Everything would run just fine and dandy with the odd display of lag. Several times, a large group of mobs would spawn on that plateau near Joe. The group was quite large, probably at least 15-20 mobs at least. I could toss off speels and things and there was no lag. I even took on pretty much and entire one of these groups with my three with no lag. The only AoEs I would use was mass cure serious from my FvS and Arcane Blast from my wiz and maybe, rarely a tactical detonation from my artie. While I was engaged with them lag was not noticable. But, however, if there were other people around and attacked the group with AOE, mostly comet fall, I'd slow to a crawl for a second or two while it seemed to be applying the comet fall. It'd clear up after a second or two, but I'd still get choppy until the majority of the group had been killed or dispersed. This happened a number of times. So I'm gonna say, yes, with my own observations it appears to be affecting lag.

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